Thursday, August 19, 2010

Outrage Must Always Fall on Minorities - Controversial WTC Mosque

A new poll has found that the number of people who believe Barak Hussain Obama is a Moslim has doubled since March 2009. That's right, CLF style politics is gaining traction.

Ironically, this poll appears at the same time there are the recent grumblings over Obama ramming a Moslim Church down our throats at the WTC site.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's Only One News Station for REAL Americans!!!!1!!

Just a reminder for REAL Americans. There's only one news station to turn to in times like these. The dire straits many of us find ourselves in. The struggle to just get by on with both parents working. The reduced benefits we receive from our Social Security disability (which should totally be phased out, but not before REAL Americans, who paid into it, get what they deserve). All these issues we are facing pale in comparison to the real threats, the one's Glenn Beck talks about every night at 5 pm EST.....

Communists taking over.

Community organizers taking over.

New Black Panthers taking over

And now, the USDA is engaging in a systematic plan to discriminate against white farmers!!!! Wait, no, that USDA worker didn't really do that, but the NAACP was clapping and cheering while she was talking, and there were other comments about race in that speech. Given that she made comments about race in the speech, and even though the initial outrage was based on an edited clip, she's still an activist who violated the Hatch Act. Plus, the NAACP was cheering and clapping.

All this points to the simple fact that Obama and his kind are trying to take over our country. By "his kind", I clearly mean Communist/Marxist/Fascists. I'm not talking about African Americans, where would you get that idea?. African Americans are good people, especially folks like Ken Blackwell and Michael Steele (and that other guy whose name escapes me, but he played football before going into politics...Marvene, you know who I'm talking about).

All the news I watch tells me that this is the absolute truth. And that is FOX NEWS, the greatest news channel for REAL Americans who are concerned with the Communist takeover of our country. And when I say communist, that should have no racial overtones whatsoever. No other media (i.e. lamestream) is informing us about this scourge.

In a somewhat related topic, I found this article about the latest Nielsen ratings.

Fox News may be the undisputed ratings champion in cable news, but not among black viewers.

The New York Times' Brian Stelter tweeted that, according to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News has averaged just 29,000 black viewers in primetime so far this television season (9/09-7/10). That represents just 1.38% of its 2.102 million total viewer audience.

CNN and MSNBC, meanwhile, both have far more black viewers, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of their overall audiences.

MSNBC has averaged 145,000 black viewers, representing 19.3% of its 751,000 total viewer audience.

CNN has averaged 134,000 black viewers, representing 20.7% of its 648,000 total viewer audience.

I'm sorry, but "may be" the undisputed champions of cable news??? Sorry, there is no dispute, they are the greatest, and the numbers clearly show that REAL Americans prefer Fox News to all other news sources. After all, popularity is the best measure of quality and intelligience!!!!


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