Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Argue with a Statist

Looks like the MSM has chosen Mitt Romney, but Ron Paul continues to campaign and fill college tennis court sized stadiums. You can still send him money too and that's ok that it won't provide him with any more of a chance to win because he runs a Debt-Free campaign and you can be assured it will be spent for Liberty. But we, the freedom lovers, must also help. Here at the CLF we've tried to provide a good reference point for when you are combing internet message forums and comment sections... places like the HuffPo, or Thomm Hartman's communist site... and you want spread the word of Liberty! Here is a *how to* on arguing with one of those statists who refuse to read a real economics book and learn something.

I. A good time saving measure to refute any "fact" that the liberal or neocon war monger makes in a comment is to first link to a good youtube video. Youtube is FILLED with them and all you need to do is search for the subject matter you are arguing about (i.e. hyper-inflation, weed, FEMA, 1960's lunch counters) along with the words "ron paul." Lots of great vids from RonPaulFlix and RonPaul2008DotCom!

All the reader has to do is watch these videos and they should then realize exactly how right Ron Paul and liberty really are! If the statist continues to argue their point, then they either didn't watch the video or didn't understand it like you do, and you must tell them this.

II. Whenever arguing about health care or abortion rights, always remember to reference the "Dr." before Ron Paul's name (however it can be used anywhere). But particularly, this gives him way more credibility in these fields. It gives him an omniscient-like understanding of a woman's uterus and emergency rooms like no other being on Earth, therefore his principled stance MUST be right.

III. Aside from the military and, of course, the courts, there are almost no circumstances where the government can manage something better than private ownership... no matter how big or daunting. And even if so, refer to the State or locality that assuredly knows better and somehow has the money. See that way, we can eliminate a lot of Federal agencies like the DOE, FEMA and yes, those pesky national parks. Here's an example on how to argue your principled stance:

Statist: Ron Paul wants to eliminate federal land like Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon. Teddy Roosevelt would be rolling in his grave.

RonPaul2012: Doctor Paul's argument is for private land ownership!! And no human rights can exist without property rights. Since raw goods are produced by the mind and effort of great individuals, and if that individual producer does not own the result of his effort, he does not own his life. The fact that you can not grasp this fundamental concept is astounding and it demonstrates the failure of our public educational system!

Statist: But what about the Grand Canyon and the beauty it possesses? Imagine if mining efforts and the Arizona Territory had their way in 1903. The Canyon would be completely stripped and high rise condos would be in its place today. The federal government ensures the conservation of these lands and also provides economic activity to those states such as fishing, camping, tourism, etc.

RonPaul2012: No, individual States are better at dealing with their own money than having the Federal Government or greedy hands of Congress dictate how MY money is allocated to other states I will never visit. Let the states manage themselves the way the Constitution of the United States of America was intended. There are some quotes by Jefferson and some other founders expressing this exact states rights point. I will google them.. hold on.

IV. Then when it really gets sticky, and the communists are talking about economic issues, you can easily deflect their points with convoluted definitions and talking points. Here are a few examples you may copy and paste:

"It wasn't the hedge fund managers, it was the government. See, this was never capitalism, this was corporatism or fascism. Don't confuse capitalism with cronyism and corporatism, thanks."

"The U.S. has never been a Capitalist country in its truest sense. A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central Jewish bank. You must read a few books and come back to this discussion at another time."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachmann2012 Baby!

Woah boyee, I was just a wee bit hopeful when I made my username for this here blog - 'bachmann2012.' And whaddya know, the gal not only decided to run but is a top contender in the polls right now among her Republican counterparts. Be afwaid Demoncrats....be vewy vewy afwaid....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

CLF Update!!

Hello all. I know its been a while since we last posted here on the CLF site. We've been pretty busy with work, what with business celebrating the conservative victory this November. On a personal level, I can say that I am just elated with the victory, with conservatives taking our country back from the secular progressive scourge. I am just happier in general and have really felt more upbeat, even with the extra 0.75 hour of unpaid overtime we've implemented at my IT job.

Now with the potential destruction of further unemployment benefits coupled with making Bush's tax cuts permanent for everyone including millionaires and billionaires, who by the way, if you haven't noticed, created upteen thousands of jobs from a period between 2001 and 2008, we still need to keep these cuts in order to invest in job creating industries such as hotel/restaurant management, fiberglass polishing, financial things, and culinary services. Tax cuts create wealth, simple as that, despite the liberal lie of unemployment benefits returning 1.64 dollars for every dollar spent as opposed to Bush tax cuts permanent returning 0.29 cents for every dollar spent.. but that's a lie. Don't believe the lies.

In addition to the tax argument, the one lie I am tired of hearing from the liberals is about the so-called evils of "free trade". Free is right there in the first word, so I am all for that. Plus, I can afford a 35 inch high def flat screen TV. Marvene can afford an I-Touch for her 17 month old grand-niece Jayden. That's called capitalism. And its the only thing we have that isn't at least communist/socialist. Clearly, the fact that all these people can spend $198 for high-end electronics, you just know our country must be doing something right. You can't do that in France or Germany and just spend $198. Its like $599, and that right there tells me that that additional $401 is the difference between our freedom loving enterprise of rugged individualists, and the socialist Western Europe who spend that difference on trivial things like taxes and health care and infrastructure and research&development and social services in general. Plus, those people don't have the freedom to buy guns whenever, preserve property rights, and basically have no limits in a companies behavior in the marketplace (with the exception of the actions of a natural person in the context of fertility rights, sexuality, and putting women in their rightful place).

Don't take that last item wrong, my lady is a strong woman in today's society. She what some would call a Grizzly mom. No, we do not have any children (re. low sperm motility), but we do have two adorable Yorkies. One brown, one black with white spot, named Chi Chi and Dolores. I can assure you that were anyone to attack either one, such as that big collie near our walk route, my lady would attack with a ferocity not seen since Chuck Norris in the middle part of Mission Impossible II when Braddock just goes nuts on those Cambodians guarding the bridge.

So that's all, its basically whats been kicking around my head these past glorious four and a half weeks since we took back at least 1/2 of our country.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just found our sister site....

Click here! :O

Personally, I prefer the aformentioned web layout with the "Arial (bold)" typeface, as opposed to the Drudge "Courier New" font, but that's just me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Just Can't Catch a Break in the 21st Century

There is a tasteless parody of Christine O'Donnell's "I'm Not A Witch" ad running viral on youtube. Be aware.. there's filthy language to go along with an obviously filthy man on this video, so Marvene, you may want to avoid this.

Obviously, youtube is allowing the attack of Ms. O'Donnell's good character and doesn't realize she just wants to take her country back... but not quite back to the 1600's. Sheesh!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Profiles in Courage - Andy Schlafly

Andy Schlafly, son of the great Phyllis Schlafly, has long stood for promoting conservative values. He's combated the evil Wikipedia and their liberal biases to create Conservapedia, an intellectual project designed to expose the truth that evolution is a lie, McCarthy was a hero, and that the Bible explains everything. Lets take a look at this hero right now.

Lately, good ole Andy has taken on another throbbing example of liberal bias being forced down our quivering throats....the "theory" of relativity. After all, its just a "theory", and that don't mean much. As the great Conservapedia explains...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Outrage Must Always Fall on Minorities - Controversial WTC Mosque

A new poll has found that the number of people who believe Barak Hussain Obama is a Moslim has doubled since March 2009. That's right, CLF style politics is gaining traction.

Ironically, this poll appears at the same time there are the recent grumblings over Obama ramming a Moslim Church down our throats at the WTC site.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's Only One News Station for REAL Americans!!!!1!!

Just a reminder for REAL Americans. There's only one news station to turn to in times like these. The dire straits many of us find ourselves in. The struggle to just get by on with both parents working. The reduced benefits we receive from our Social Security disability (which should totally be phased out, but not before REAL Americans, who paid into it, get what they deserve). All these issues we are facing pale in comparison to the real threats, the one's Glenn Beck talks about every night at 5 pm EST.....

Communists taking over.

Community organizers taking over.

New Black Panthers taking over

And now, the USDA is engaging in a systematic plan to discriminate against white farmers!!!! Wait, no, that USDA worker didn't really do that, but the NAACP was clapping and cheering while she was talking, and there were other comments about race in that speech. Given that she made comments about race in the speech, and even though the initial outrage was based on an edited clip, she's still an activist who violated the Hatch Act. Plus, the NAACP was cheering and clapping.

All this points to the simple fact that Obama and his kind are trying to take over our country. By "his kind", I clearly mean Communist/Marxist/Fascists. I'm not talking about African Americans, where would you get that idea?. African Americans are good people, especially folks like Ken Blackwell and Michael Steele (and that other guy whose name escapes me, but he played football before going into politics...Marvene, you know who I'm talking about).

All the news I watch tells me that this is the absolute truth. And that is FOX NEWS, the greatest news channel for REAL Americans who are concerned with the Communist takeover of our country. And when I say communist, that should have no racial overtones whatsoever. No other media (i.e. lamestream) is informing us about this scourge.

In a somewhat related topic, I found this article about the latest Nielsen ratings.

Fox News may be the undisputed ratings champion in cable news, but not among black viewers.

The New York Times' Brian Stelter tweeted that, according to Nielsen Media Research, Fox News has averaged just 29,000 black viewers in primetime so far this television season (9/09-7/10). That represents just 1.38% of its 2.102 million total viewer audience.

CNN and MSNBC, meanwhile, both have far more black viewers, both in absolute terms and as a proportion of their overall audiences.

MSNBC has averaged 145,000 black viewers, representing 19.3% of its 751,000 total viewer audience.

CNN has averaged 134,000 black viewers, representing 20.7% of its 648,000 total viewer audience.

I'm sorry, but "may be" the undisputed champions of cable news??? Sorry, there is no dispute, they are the greatest, and the numbers clearly show that REAL Americans prefer Fox News to all other news sources. After all, popularity is the best measure of quality and intelligience!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes! My American Rifleman Mag Came in Today!!

And it has two of my very favorite people in the whole world on it!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Will NOT Be Doing On My Vacation

Well, me and my lady are about to head off for vacation. We're going to Florida, the Tampa area to be specific. Just in time to avoid the oil slick that is totally the fault of the envirowackos and Obama. Being childless (due to low sperm motility), me and my lady have freedom to do anything we want in the Palmetto State, be it eating out at a really nice restaurant, drinking Diet Cokes on the beach, eating nachos poolside, or having a casual brunch at our favorite spot, Applebee's.

We are really looking forward to this trip, but I can assure what we will NOT be doing....imbibing alcohol. I am totally against the evil nectar, given my past "issues" and inability to control myself. Since I cannot drink, I give my lady stern looks when she orders a Zima or sangria. If I am unable to cut loose like that, she should suffer with me. But even if she does down a few wine coolers, I know she will control herself (like I couldn't) and will avoid getting on inflatable rafts on the Gulf. The same cannot be said for Jerry Whipple of the Tampa area.
Everyone knows it's not safe to drink and drive. Better beware of drinking and getting on a pool float, too.

Especially if you're in the Gulf of Mexico.

The U.S. Coast Guard on Wednesday afternoon rescued a man on a pool float who had drifted about a mile out into the gulf.

The man, identified as Jerry Whipple, is "suspected of being extremely inebriated," said Petty Officer First Class Mariana O'Leary.

"The message here is this guy got lucky. He got really lucky," O'Leary said. "Depending on what the tides and currents are doing, he could have never been seen again."

According to the Coast Guard spokeswoman, a Good Samaritan who was on his 22-foot recreational boat called in to report an unconscious man floating well offshore.

When officials with the Coast Guard and a Clearwater Fire Rescue unit arrived about 12:20 p.m., they found the man unconscious on the float. He was wearing a life jacket.

He later regained consciousness and was taken to paramedics waiting at Coast Guard Station Sand Key.

Whipple, whose age and address were unknown Wednesday, was taken to Largo Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries, said Clearwater Fire spokeswoman Beth Watts.
We plan on visiting Marvene, who has a nice condo down in that area. I will ask her if she knows old Jerry Whipple. She seems to know a lot of the drunks down there, so they may have crossed paths before.

Bristol Palin - Oscar Bound

Well I'm going to tame the CLF boys here a little bit before the CIA shuts this place down. And what better way to do it than some excellent fine arts...also known as ACTING! I know...I know, most actors are lame, tree-hugging pansies like Sean Penn who always plays lame-O, tree-hugging pansies. However, those on the conservative side are some of the finest Hollywood (or Hollyweird) has to offer - such as Jon Voight, Chuck Norris, the great Ronnie Reagan, and my favorite, Fred Thompson of Hunt for Red October fame.

But please forward your eyes, ears, and sensible tastes over to this clip of our newly budding conservative actor, Bristol Palin! I haven't seen this kind of acting debut since Tori Spelling on Saved By the Bell.

Great stuff, huh?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Regulating Business Sucks

Since Buck doesn't want to play "hide the hot dog" with me tonight on the final eve of our annual Assemblies of God Conservative Burly Men With Guns Apocalypse Preparedness... I mean Bunnies and Sunshine ONLY retreat (and we didn't bring any young boys to the retreat to play "hide the hot dog" with this year, either), I want to take a few moments to spell out the evils of regulation for the CLF's tremendous audience of fellow conservatives. Regulation gives the government the power to tell you that you can't sell whatever you want to whoever you want for the sole purpose of making money while screwing over some stupid liberal that really deserves it.

For instance, regulation may soon shut down the Assemblies of God "Jesus Youth Warriors" program. This community minded program purchases primarily white children (preferably boys) from poor people who don't go to Assemblies of God churches and brings them to our militaristic doomsday compound.. AHEM, education center where they are filled with food and scriptural training and other fun things from my pants... MY MIND: I meant to say mind! This is done in order to get them to love Jesus and penis... PROVERBS more than anything in this world. Our Jesus Youth Warriors are constantly engaged in the struggle against fundamentalist Islam. From the time they are able to ride bikes, we turn them loose on the community to look for dark skinned people that might even speak foreign languages. They follow them home, take down their address, toss a few methamphetamene making compounds in their backyard and immediately call the police to inform them of the seedy drug den in the neighborhood. This sucessful program called "Dope for Jesus" has led to the removal of fifty eight threats to national security in our small rural community alone! At one raid, we were even able to convince a single mom with three jobs being led away to sell us all five of her children to prepare her legal defense fund!

(Note to Potential Clients: We pay SUBSTANTIALLY LESS for females. They are sold into sex slavery in Mexico as women are totally WORTHLESS in Jesus Combat and far more valuable a commodity as third world hookers.... ummm, no we're giving them all brand new ponies! THAT'S what we REALLY do!)

This good, wholesome program has come under scrutiny by the local members of Child Protective Services! The government seems to think that being reared in an EXCEPTIONALLY LOVING (especially after bedtime) wholesome Christian environment is not a proper setting for young, nubile, mostly nude boys! It's shocking that the state would interfere with a program that is privately funded and keeps many househlolds off of welfare. This lack of welfare spending for the undeserving poor opens up our hard earned taxpayer dollars for more important things like tanks and bombs for Iran and two slingshots for the Iranian Invasion Fleet and the rubber raft that would be the invasion fleet and corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthy and big bank bailouts and corporate jets and death squads for liberals and cute boy pages for all of our conservative Congressmen! That stuff will do America a lot better than silly organiations that want "save kids from sexual abuse" when we're already saving kids by teaching them to be IRS building suicide bombers... uh, I mean appreciation committees!

My own churches programs aside, look at the natural gas industry. Following deregulation, poor customers of a brand new natural gas provider in destitute War, West Virginia (who were probably so broke they didn't pay their bills) actually complained about service interruptions! In an era of regulation, the government would have made the smart people at the new company fix the problem, cutting in to their hard earned profits that they made by the sweat of their brow figuring out how to lie to Democrats. This was completely avoided by the deregulation legislation! America: 1; Stupid, Broke Democrats: 0! Some of these filthy, godless liberals even DIED as a result of the outages! America: 3; Stupid, Broke Democrats: -2!

You see, folks, America is all about the freedom of some really hot guy in a wicked good looking designer suit being able to screw some poor bastard who can't afford a suit directly in the backside for an hour and take his money, then buy another wicked suit with the money, declare it a business loss and have the government reimburse him for the new suit with the poor bastard's tax money. That's FREEDOM!

Bomb,Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran!

As much as I have been enjoying the company of fellow exceptionally well-endowed and muscular conservative men during our two week annual domestic terrorism training... uh, I mean good-natured target shooting and camping retreat, I felt the need to post about the dangers of a nuclearly armed Iran and their threat to our way of life. While I don't like taking time away from my explosives... (COUGH!) I mean creative firestarting seminar and snuggling in the tent, err, I mean the exchange of completely heterosexual nude male bonding reverse hugs and spooning with my tent mate Buck, the threat posed by the evil Islamic Republic of Iran is important enough to make an exception.

Many international observers were badmouthing Israel for their recent blockade of "humanitarian" aid (all astute observers of the Bush years can tell you that food is most CERTAINLY a weapon, especially when it is denied to the starving enemy! Take that, North Korea!) to the evil residents of the terrorist controlled Gaza Strip. Despite the claims that no weapons were on board by the slanted, America hating Reporters Without Borders, every biscuit and vitamin pill can certainly be called a weapon of mass destruction. On top of that, the weapons left behind by illegally assaulted Israeli commandoes were still on board! REAL GUNS! We all know that no Muslim ANYWHERE, even those here in the U.S., shouldn't be allowed to own guns, because when people who aren't white and Christian own guns they are weapons of mass destruction.

The evil Islamic Republic of Iran threatened to break the blockade and allow all of that dangerous oatmeal gruel to enter Gaza and stop the planned starvation of the Palestinians by the Israelis that IN NO WAY RESEMBLES the treatment of the Jews in concentration camps by Nazi Germany. In order to keep the peace, Israel decided to let the undeserved nourishment in.

Why did the Israelis back down? Their plan of starvation for Palestine would have finally brought peace to the Middle East! If all the Palestinians were dead, no one would be complaining about Palestine anymore! Iran's destabilizing threat should be met with ABSOLUTE FORCE. BOTH soldiers who aren't currently serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, and the Gulf of Mexico should be immediately deployed to Iran with the rubber raft and slingshot we as a country can afford to drop pellet bombs on the Iranian capital!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Members of the CLF have started an affiliated blog to the CLF about our professional careers - a "jLog." Please visit us at the CLF jLog. It's on the side bar for future reference also too.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lessons Learned from the Oil Spill

Hello all! Its been a while since we at the CLF have posted. As always, I am busy working at work, Michelle has her hands full with Spencer, Marvene has taken to some foo-foo pottery class, and all Fuido wants to do is hang out at the gun range. With regards to Winston, he's at some remote spot with a few other like-minded single men concerned with the government takeover of guns. I got a text message from him and it sounds like they're having a good time being in such close quarters without any female interference. So, as always, its up to me to break the CLF logjam and just get to posting.

And what better subject to talk about than the oil spill. See, this is clearly Obama's Katrina, given that it also occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. That right there is enough to call it Obama's Katrina. Nevermind that Bush's Katrina wasn't really his Katrina since it was all state and local government's fault. But regardless, Obama's Katrina is a way worse Katrina than Bush's Katrina, which was not really a Katrina. Anyway, you get my point.

So, the federal government clearly was not there at the site of the spill. What is it, day 46?? Bush took only 4 or 5 days to get to New Orleans, so already he is looking pretty good right now.

Then you got the evidence that this was all the environmentalists fault, as the very smart Sarah Palin said in her highly professional social networking pages. Clearly, it was the environmentalists who were pushing for deepwater extraction of oil and gas. There would have been no environmental impacts at ANWR, that is for sure. If they had just let them drill there (ANWR) then, they would not be drilling here (Gulf of Mexico) now.

Either way, the oil companies should be allowed to drill then and now, here and there, and everywhere. I do so like drilling here and now. I do so like it, without a doubt.

So this is a disaster for sure. Except the oceans will probably clean it up by itself. So we can all agree that the environment will be okay. And if its not, it because the federal government was just too involved.

I recently found this video from the very smart and wonky Michele Bachmann from 2008. She was one of the first drill here drill now proponents. As with Sarah Palin, I think you'll see that they were both just pushing for safe drilling in places like ANWR, not in risky offshore places.

I totally agree!! We ARE the Saudi Arabia of Oil. I know, I know...Saudi Arabia is the real Saudi Arabia of Oil, but we are the Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas and Coal, that is for sure. We could never be the Saudi Arabia of Wind or Solar though. That is just pansy, foo foo environmental whacko stuff.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

CLF Announcement

In honor of Dr. Rand Paul's amazing victory on super Super Tuesday, I am making decision to change Winston's avatar to that of Dr. Rand Paul. Winston has previously expressed his admiration for one Alex Jones. Good ole Alex has even publicly announced his donation to the Paul campaign. Here's a pic I have of the two.

Seeing that Rand Paul has come to the correct opinions with regards to the Civil Rights Act (at least one of the titles), the Fair Housing Act, the American's With Disability Act, the EPA, the Department of Education, Obama-style takeover of our health care system (especially the ramming part of it), etc. etc., I must also assume that Alex Jones shares those views. I have not heard much of Alex, I usually just rely on what Winston tells me. And most of it sounds just plain smart, especially to a rock-ribbed Christian Conservative like me. I also approve of his pointing at the camera. That just looks cool.

I will assume that Mr. Paul will correct his views on Israel, foreign interventions, and a willingness to appear on lefty, lesbian, latte-sipping, limousine liberal shows. He has already done a good job by blaming Rachel Maddow for his failures in the interview the other night. It was abusive to keep asking the same question over and over, especially since Dr. Rand Paul is so clear on the issue.

Clearly, he only has a problem with only one of the titles of the Civil Rights Act. The part about banning discrimination for private businesses. Its only a problem if the federal government does it, that is for sure. Dr. Paul even said he'd have voted for the Act, because the South had all those problems in the 1960's. I'm sure noting the location and timeframe when the racial discrimination took place says absolutely nothing about his views with respect to the Act in the current time and place. Plus, he even said he would have walked hand in hand with MLK had he not been 2 years old. He couldn't walk in a march then, his legs would have been too small. I have taken some of my step-nephews with me to a Tea Party rally, I know how hard it is for the youngins. Plus, they were just terrible the whole time, so that is a mistake I won't make again.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I am encouraged by Sue Lowden and her thoughts of bartering doctor treatments for chickens. What a great idea but I would like to go one further. How about chickens for sex. We could start with Miss Lowden, she is not bad looking. Of course if you have followed my very infrequent posts you are aware of my admiration and hots for our two conservative leaders, Sarah and Michelle, as in Palin and Bachman, they might be willing to get on the bandwagon. Research has shown that sexually transmitted deseases are most often passes along by using money for the service. You get your dirty dollars out give them to the lady and then touch each other in the private places. Hello STD's. With chickens to barter you avoid all that and have good clean fun. Maybe a little kinky but that is OK.


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