Sunday, April 26, 2009

Debate Primer - Global Warming

Hello all. I hope you have been catching up with the latest posts here at CLF. Michelle has been putting up some excellent video of some of our greatest Republican stars in their fight against the evils of the global warming alarmacists. First, there was good ole Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee letting Gorey have it with rock-solid proof that he is only pushing this cap-n-trade stuff so he can profiteer. Then there's Michelle's personal favorite, Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota, who blows the lid off the global warming crazies with some indisputable facts that CO2 occurs in nature. Its amazing how reducing an argument to the simplest points can really be effective.

Anyway, these videos display two tactics in our three pronged approach at defeating the enviro-wackos who want to destroy our economy. I truly think our economy would not be in as bad a shape as it is if it wasn't for these crazies trying to push cap-n-trade. Well, there is still Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to blame, but the psychological aspects of getting off oil is probably enough to scare Wall Street a good bit. But lets get back to the prongs...

Prong 1: Claim Earth is not warming. This is most effective when it is cold outside, like the past 2 Winters we've had in the valley. This way we can talk about how all those scientists were worried about Global Cooling, like, 2 years ago. And when its cold here, it doesn't matter if there are heat waves in the Southern Hemisphere or ice shelves dislodging from Antarctica. All politics is local.

Prong 2: Admit Earth is warming, but not because of CO2. When the Summer comes, prong #1 must be discarded as all politics remains local. However, there's a treasure trove of things to blame for any warming: solar radiation, natural cycles, methane from cows, etc. Be sure to mention that Greenland was called Greenland because it was green, which means that it was much warmer, and thus greener, when Greenland was first named Greenland. I hope you follow me, I know this can get a little hairy.

Prong 3: Take no position on whether the Earth is warming or cooling, simply deflect to a boogeyman. A good person to attack is Al Gore, or Gorey, as some real smart people call him. Gorey is always flying around in fancy jets and using lots of energy in his mansions. I also heard a story that Gorey used to kill puppies for fun and burned them in a coal-fired incinerator he had in his basement. I would like Gorey to explain to me how puppy exhaust can be good for the environment, but driving my SUV is somehow sinful. Also talk about carbon credits, or cap-n-trade, and how it is just a clever ruse for Gorey to enrich himself while the lights go out and everyone has to fell all the trees just to heat their houses due to the Global Cooling (see Prong 1).

I have summarized this debate methodology in the following graphical illustration.

Whenever one debate tactic fails or is inconvenient, simply go to another tactic, or prong. And all prongs can be supported by the totally consistent fact that dinosaur flatulence caused warming and produced CO2 levels way beyond what we see now. The dinosaurs liked it warm. But that was way back in history, like over 4000 years ago, which was near the beginning of the Earth.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Michelle Bachmann: CO2 is Nature!

You go girl! CO2 is a natural byproduct on Earth and is part of Earth's lifecycle and therefore NOT harmful! Just like we have lead, ultraviolet rays, mercury, and THC... these are natural compounds of the Earth and therefore cannot hurt us no matter what. Wow, she's just smart.

Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn Schools Former Tennessee Senator Al Gore Over Global Warming (Cooling)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Mishap Involving J.C.

You may know that it is part of my Church's mission to visit those in trouble with the law. During my recent visitation with J.C. he directed my attention to the beautiful artwork in his hallway that was also a very useful switchplate. So Reggie all may not be lost with this wayward lamb. He may yet live up to his initials.

Local Man With Initials J.C. Acts Very Un-Christ-Like

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of true crime shows like Nancy Grace, Predator: Raw, Cops, and Real Stories of the Highway Patrol. They reveal our men in blue for the heroes that they are. And they show all the bad guys who are perverts or drunks or addicts getting their just-desserts. Which is why I always make it a habit of opening up the police blotter page in my Daily Mail. Not the Gazette, they are only interested in criminalizing the captains of industry who create jobs. The Daily Mail knows who the real risks to our society are: drunks who pee in police cruisers.

Charleston Patrolmen J.E. Noland and J.D. Koerber were working early Sunday morning at the intersection of Loudon Heights Road and Bridge Road when a man passing by in car began yelling expletives at the officers and called them "pigs," the complaint said.


The driver was identified as Christopher James Ballard of 58th Street and the passenger, who had been yelling, was identified as Julian James Chippett, 36, of Smith Road, police said.

Ballard told Koerber that he was giving Chippett a ride home as a favor, the complaint said. Koerber frisked Ballard for weapons and found a clear plastic bag containing 5 grams of marijuana in his front pants pocket, police said. Ballard was arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana.

Chippett was arrested for disorderly conduct and placed in the back of Noland's police car.


After arriving at police headquarters, officers discovered a large amount of urine in the backseat of the cruiser. Police said Chippett urinated toward Noland's seat, and that they found urine on the back floorboard, the back of the driver's seat, the rear door and the back seat.

Officers said the vehicle had to be treated as a biological hazard and would be taken out of service until it could be cleaned and new interior parts could be installed. The car's floor mats were disposed of at the police station.

I normally wouldn't make a big fuss about some drunk using a police cruiser as his own personal toilet, but I think people with certain initials should live up to their duties. Take my uncle Gerald Browner. Can you guess what his middle name is? That's right, William. So shouldn't I expect Gerald to live up to the standard set by good ole George W Bush, Jr. Your darn skippy I do. Gerald is a good Christian and a Republican, like GWB. He is a reformed alcoholic and father of two girls, like GWB. Only difference is that Gerald has always been phenominaly unsuccessful in business even though his Dad, Gerald Harold William Browner, did everything he could to help his son. Poor Gerald was not gifted with GWB's work ethic and do-it-yourself-ishness.

So, I admit, the intials do not necessarily make up the man, but if you go around calling yourself J.C., as this peeing bandit may have refered to himself, you have a duty of not acting like a complete piece of poo (sorry for the cursing but I am just upset right now). Would Jesus call the cops pigs? No, he had a complete respect for authority. Would Jesus do anything to defame public property? I think not. So, when this young J.C. gets out of the pokey, I hope he asks himself: WWJCD?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Outrage #2 of the Day: Anti-Business Kooks Attack Bayer

This has me just hot under the collar. These liberals in our Congress are raking our good local businessmen over the coals about this minor incident at Bayer. This is just ludicrous to compare it to Bhopal. I heard that the Bhopal explosion wasn't that serious and that it bankrupted Union Carbide, which hurt us here at home. Look, Bayer is employing us here and not laying anyone off, that is what we should be concerned about.

But is the Gazette worried about our jobs? No, that enviro-wacko Ken Ward Jr. is at it again, this time taking a break from trying to destroy the coal industry and the wonderful strip mining practices. Now he's trying to destroy the chemical industry.
The Kanawha Valley may have narrowly escaped a chemical plant catastrophe that could have surpassed the 1984 Bhopal disaster, according to a report released today by congressional investigators.

The August 2008 explosion at the Bayer CropScience Institute plant turned a 2 1/2-ton chemical vessel into a "dangerous projectile" that could have destroyed a nearby tank of deadly methyl isocyanate, according to the report by House Energy and Commerce Committee staff.


"Documents obtained by the committee raise serious questions about the vulnerabilities of Bayer's inventory of methyl isocyanate (MIC) during the 2008 explosion and about MIC monitoring systems that were out of service at the time of the explosion," the committee report said. "The documents also raise questions about whether Bayer has adequately considered the feasibility of reducing its MIC stockpile or switching to inherently safer technologies."

So what? I had a double-first cousin, Rickie, who worked at that plant for a summer. He said he worked around that MIC tank and never had any issues with it. That is just ridiculous to blame chemicals for everything. You know what water is? Its H2O, a chemical compound, and it can't hurt us none. That's what Rickie would always say, which would get us all laughing. Rickie died at the age of 28 from cancer and I will always miss his good humor. If he were around today, he'd tell us how crazy these folks in Congress are.

When will Congress stop encroaching on our freedom? Freedom is all about economic liberties. Environmental regulations are just the worst. First, you have to get an environmental impact statement, then you have to have public hearings and let in all the NIMBY wackos, then you have to clean up toxic sites. When will it end? Anyway, Ken Ward Jr. has some crazy stuff at the end of his article.

For example, the committee obtained a memo in which officials from Ann Green Communications suggested how plant manager Nick Crosby should deal with local citizen groups and journalists.

"Our goal with People Concerned About MIC should be to marginalize them," the memo said. "Take a similar approach to The Charleston Gazette. For as many years as it has been in print, the Gazette has chosen to be anti-business and champion environmental activists' causes. Marginalize its effectiveness."

Darn skippy the Gay-zette is a bunch of environmental wackos. Again, I'd like to know why their owners can't get their act together like the proprietors of the Daily Mail. Anyway, can anyone tell me what's wrong with what Bayer did? Nothing, that's what. Nuff said.

Outrage of the Day: Tax on Yacht Magazine

World renowned conservative editorialist and all around super-genius Don Surber brought to my attention this atrocity.

TALLAHASSEE — Buyers of yachts and private airplanes in Florida would be spared from paying the full 6 percent sales tax on their purchases. But magazine subscribers would now start paying taxes.

Mr. Don Surber is rightfully right in thinking that the tax cap is coercing the rich in Florida to keep their boats there and pay some sales tax. The rich should not be hoodwinked into this liberal plot. Rich people should have the freedom to keep their yachts and planes in other states where they don't have to pay sales taxes because that brings jobs. Trickle-down economics is proven every day!

And on top of that, it's hurting magazine subscribers now too! I've been getting Yachting Magazine free in the mail for 2 years, but now I'm going to have to pay a tax to keep getting it?!? That's pure taxation without representation.

Florida Legislature

Our right-thinking legislature down here is hard at work saving the policies of the late great Bush era. Texas don't have nothin' on us.

The tax break for new yacht owners is just the latest measure.

They recently pushed through an overhaul of the voting procedures and closed down the public comment forthwith. You will have to show valid ID's now - no more "low income" or "shady" people will be able pass themselves off as registered voters. Looks like Governor Crist will have to veto it though.

Developers are championed in this legislature. Even though the market is glutted with unsold homes, our delegates are forward thinking in allowing massive purchases of wetlands and farmlands for the homeowners and mall shoppers of the future. The tree hugging, progress retarding policies of the past 25 years will finally end up on the scrap heap where they belong.

After Ray Sansom, former speaker of the house, was indicted last week, it just proves that the grand jury doesn't know how things work. Rep. Kevin Ambler R-Tampa said our system of campaign contributions has "transparency." The airplane hanger for the planes of Sansom's friends will contain classrooms so what's all the fuss about.

The telephone companies will be deregulated. This has got to be good for the average Joe.

Schools will recieve less money for Godless textbooks, buses, and advanced placement classes.

Some dirty liberal just sent me this picture of Kevin. It came from an account in Texas.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Texas Republican Shows Up Liberal MSNBC Host

I tell you, the hits keep coming, and the Republicans are having a lot of success on MSNBC lately. Just check out my previous post on Ken Blackwell totally showing up that heathen Christopher Hichens the other day. Anyway, this latest one is that ultra-liberal Chris Matthews getting positively destroyed by good Republican John Culberson of Texas. This debate was about the excellent Governor Rick Perry with his smart comments on seccession. Here's the video:

Here's some excerpts from the transcript too. Check it out, because Congressman Culberson is even more effective in his words.
CULBERSON: Chris, the TEA Parties are the tip of the iceberg.

And I think you‘re missing the bigger story here. And that is, the TEA Parties were a spontaneous horizontal reflection of the mood of the American people in general, and certainly in Texas, Chris. The country is at the tipping point, Chris.

We don‘t want money that we don‘t have, that our children can‘t afford to pay back spent. The government is spending too much and taxing too much. The country is at the tipping point, Chris.

And I think that what you saw—and don‘t make too much of what Governor Perry said. Again, he was just revved up, and—and, I think, in the heat of the moment, said something that—that certainly he didn‘t mean in his heart. We‘re patriotic Americans. No one wants Texas to secede.

We don‘t want to split into five states, Chris, but we need to work within the law to take back control of this government.


CULBERSON: I‘m fed up with Washington telling Texans how to run Texas, Chris.

And this TEA Party movement is something we need to keep alive. And we‘re going to do it through the Internet. And frankly, Chris, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Amen. These parties were totally spontaneous and grassroots. People upset with Obama's tax and spend ways is totally what the original Boston Tea Party was all about. They were also horizontal, instead of vertical or diagonal. That just makes perfect sense to me. I should say I was surprised these regular working folks were able to afford the billboard on MacCorkle Avenue, but that is the power of grassroots I guess. Here's more...

MATTHEWS: Do you think Texas has a special complaint against the union, because you believe that you‘re a donor state?


MATTHEWS: That‘s what Tom DeLay said last night, a special complaint.


MATTHEWS: And it turns out that a lot of the liberal states, which you guys would call Democrat states, up in the Northeast, states like New Jersey, are the ones that spend the most money in taxes.

Now, maybe they should be complainers, like Texas, but they‘re not complaining. Why are you guys complaining? Why are the pitchforks all out in the rural states, the Southern states?

CULBERSON: Because Texas is—because we see Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and this Congress trying to turn America in France. And Texas is not going to become France.

We don‘t want to be a socialist European nation. We treasure our freedom. We treasure local government. We treasure the right to let Texans run Texas. And we know, instinctively, Chris, that this government has gone too far. They spent more money in less time than any Congress in history.

Whatever liberal, you are just lying about the supposed facts. Red states give more than blue states, that just makes sense. Liberals are the ones sitting on they're couch eating cheetos on the government dole while I am at work working. You don't see conservatives taking off work to goof off, that is for sure.

Anyway, Congressman Culberson does the exact right thing in this debate. Liberal Matthews just wants to change the subject with his lies about donor states. Good ole John goes back to the tried and true comments about France and socialism and freedom and government. You can't say those words enough if you ask me. Then Culberson just lays it all out at the end...
CULBERSON: More than anyone else, I think Texans have a special feeling in their heart about what it means to be an American. The core values that made America great are the values that made Texas great.

MATTHEWS: You know how absurd that sounds? You know how absurd, Congressman—Congressman, you say that you guys are more emotional about your Americanism. And, yet, you have got a governor talking about splitting from America. You know how absurd that sounds?

CULBERSON: He‘s not serious about it. Governor Perry is not serious about that, Chris.

MATTHEWS: Well, why did—he did it all week this week.

CULBERSON: Don‘t—don‘t make too big a deal out of it.

MATTHEWS: You say you love the country, but you can‘t wait to leave it. You‘re threatening to leave it.

Whatever, that is just a spin that liberal is doing. You can't take what Rick Perry said literally. Literal interpretations of actual quotes are just ridiculous, especially when the quotes are from way back. Rick Perry is just plain smart, and all Texans have his back. John Culberson is smart too, you should call or email him to thank him for being so smart.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Board Meeting Minutes

Semi-biannual Meeting of
Conservatives Loving Freedom
April 16, 2009
6:45 p.m.
Charleston, West Virginia

Board Members:
Present: Reginald Newton, Michelle Bennett, Marvene Letard
Absent: Donald V. Ferguson
Quorum present? Yes

Others Present:
Oma, Maek, Wud, Tenne, Tyrell, Joan, Herb, Sassy, Newheart, Porky

· Meeting called to order at 7:53 p.m. by Chair, Reggie Newton
(Last month's) meeting minutes were amended and approved

· Chief Executive's Report:
- Reggie recommends that we go to Ryans for the next meeting. Unanimous consent is requested. After brief discussion, Board agreed.
- Reggie nominates Michelle as public relation liasson for the CLF. Michelle's duties will include, but are not limited to, spreading the word of freedom through various online message boards, blogs, and newspaper comment sections. Michelle accepts nomination and pledges that she will make every effort to include hyperlink to the CLF webpage to encourage more readership outside of the CLF group and Reggie's church. Also, Maek is encouraged to get a computer so that he can be kept updated about the upcoming meetings through the CLF webpage. Michelle interupts to request vote on her nomination. Motion is passed unanimously.
- Wud mentions that their beloved beagle, Rocky, is suffering with throat cancer. Marvene makes motion to express sympathy for Rocky through one minute moment of silence: seconded and passed. Moment of silence lasts almost one minute.
- Reggie reminds board that, as chief executive, he runs this portion of the meeting. Reggie requests moment of silence for country's fast, 86 day, slip from free market capitalism to Marxist socialism. Motion passed and seconded.
- Reggie nominates Michelle as treasurer and head of Finance Committe. Motion passed.

· Finance Committee report provided by Chair, Michelle:
- Michelle makes friendly welcoming statement and describes function of CLF website. She explains financial obligation of maintaining and updating website through An annual donation to the CLF is requested of all board members. The amount of the donation is up to the individual. However, each amount will likely be listed prominantly on the CLF website. Tenne stands up and strenuously complains as she is on a fixed income with Social Security disability providing the only income. Michelle assures that no donation is required and agrees to forgo the idea of posting the donor names and amounts given on the website.
- Michelle explains that her husband, Kevin, reviewed the organization's bookkeeping procedures and found them to be sorely lacking. She stated that Kevin reviewed highlights, trends and issues from the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement and was aghast at the lack of organization. Reggie interrupts and questions whether these criticisms are warranted. Michelle explains that her husband is a CPA and knows what he is talking about. A moment of silence is observed. Michelle asks for unanimous consent to provide small payment for accounting review of the CLF books. Oma stands up to go to her car. Remembering Oma's conceal and carry permit, Marvene intervenes and suggests that payment involve omitting Michelle from having to supply her portion of the tip. Michelle agrees to this suggestion. Oma returns to her seat and motion is passed.

· Public Policy Development Committee's report provided by Chair, Marvene:
- Marvene makes long statement regarding her displeasure with the current government. Wide ranging topics, such as Obama's use of the teleprompter, Obama's stumbling in speeches and excessive use of the word "Um", sudden deficit spending by the government, government growing too big over the past 3 months, government suddently spying on average Americans, expanding the use of our military in foreign countries, Obama raising everyone's taxes, Obama trying to take away our Constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of assembly, etcetera. Motion to unanimously accept all the above statements by all members as the truth. Motion passed and seconded.
- Marvene recommends that we make a board retreat to the Anglers Roost in Mink Shoals. Tyrell states that he does not think this is an Anglers Roost anymore but may go by another name. Marvene interjects that it does not matter what they are named, just as long as they still sell guns and ammo. She further explains that this second amendment right is tenuous as Obama plans to send in his National Service youth to take away our guns through a door to door search. Motion to undertake this retreat no later than two Fridays from tomorrow. Motion passed.

· Other business:
- Reggie commends Betty Slater's pineapple upsidedown cake and requests she bring some snickerdoodles to the next meeting. Betty becomes slightly embarrassed and thanks everyone who loved her cake. Herb seconds the motion to make Betty official cake maker. Reggie admonishes Herb as he is not a board member, only a regular member, and cannot make motions. Reggie makes motion to make Betty official cake maker and to strongly recommend members to eat only one slice of cake until all members wanting cake are given a slice. Motion passed with one dissenting member.

· Assessment of the Meeting:
- Reggie notes displeasure with content of Shoney's buffet and dismay that they have discontinued breakfast items during late evening time. Reggie again expresses wish to have next meeting at Ryan's.
- Newheart noted that the past three meetings have run over the intended two-hour time slot by half an hour. He asked members to be more mindful and focused during discussions, and suggested that Reggie take an action to identify solutions to this issue. Michelle interjects and claims duties to be official time keeper. Moment of silence observed.

· Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Marvene Letard

Friday, April 17, 2009

Update! Shoney's Meeting/Dinner w/ pics

Our first CLF meeting held at Shoney's in Charleston, WV.
Meet some of our member affiliates:'s Herb chowing down on the Shoney's Grizzler Burger. Stuff it Herb!Group picture taken afterwards

Thanks to everyone who attended!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dinner tomorrow at Shoney's.... 6 o'clock in the p.m. Betty Slater made a cake and is bringing it!!

Those Crafty Republicans

Those Republicans up in Minnesota are craftier than all the old girls over in the arts and crafts room. Even if that bed wetting lunatic Al Franken has somehow stolen the election for senator, the good God fearing Governor Polenta will not let him in til the Obamanation is over. The people of Minnesota can just do without a senator.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Christian Destroys Atheist on Hardball

Leave it to good ole Ken Blackwell to perfectly summarize Christian thought in this heated battle against that heathen elitist Christopher Hitchens. I'm thinking Mr. Hitchens should change his first name to Lucifer, because there ain't nothing Christ-like in his words.

Mr. Blackwell is a good friend of the country, as he has shown time and time again. He totally should have been the RNC head. He's one of five African American's in the RNC, but unlike Michael Steele, he is a true Republican.

Yesterday on Hardball, he takes Mr. Hitchens to task for his ridiculous comments that we are not a Christian nation. That is just laughable, I don't know where to start on that.

Here's some excerpts from this excellent performance by Mr. Blackwell.
BLACKWELL: Let me just ask you, let me just ask you, Christopher, do you think that the founders and the Pilgrims were not Christians?
HEATHEN: The Pilgrims were Christians.
BLACKWELL: If we`re talking about historical accuracy, let`s be forthright. You know it, and I know it, that in this country...
HEATHEN: No, no, the Pilgrims -- the Pilgrims are not the founders, my dear sir.
Whatever heathen, that is just dumb of you, and Mr. Blackwell just destroyed all your arguments. The Pilgrims were Christian, they landed on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock didn't land on them, and they founded this Christian nation. The Founders were direct descendents of the Pilgrims I am pretty sure on that. Case closed.
BLACKWELL: There is a separation -- there is a separation of church and state. There is not a separation of faith and politics.And there has never been the presumption that we run our day-to-day lives through a faithless prism when we make our decisions. We`re not told that we have to leave our faith at the public square`s edge.So, it is just flat-out nonsense to suggest that this country was built on anything other than an understanding of Judeo-Christian principles and precepts that give us the moral foundation that allows free market enterprise and the primacy of the individual in our political system, not the primacy of the state.
HEATHEN: You can search in vain through the First Amendment to the Constitution to find any such reference. Or you could -- why don`t you try checking out...
BLACKWELL: Christopher...
HEATHEN: ... Thomas Jefferson`s version of the New Testament, for example, where he cuts out -- cuts out all references to the divinity of Jesus?
I'm so glad he made that point, because that is the basis of the CLF, Conservatives Loving Freedom. The founding documents were all about ensuring free market principles to rule. They were all against government intervention and all for privatization of government services, for-profit religious schools, and Milton Friedman-type economics. Mr. Blackwell is smart, I'm not surprised he was able to make the same connections as I was. I don't know where to start on that heathen's comments, but they were all lies, I assure you of that, so I really don't need to go into it anymore.

The only problem I have with Mr. Blackwell's comments is that he was tricked into saying there is a separation of church and state. That is just wrong, there's only a wall to keep government out of the Church, not the other way around. The Church can do whatever it wants, as long as it is Christian and conservative. But I will forgive Mr. Blackwell for this error because I really think that heathen tricked him with his heathenistic trickery.

Right on Mr. Blackwell!! You be da man!!.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What is going on in Iowa??

I just can't believe the good God fearing people of Iowa agree with this gay marriage stuff right there in the middle of the heartland. A bunch of liberals must have sneaked into the supreme court when they weren't looking. What's next? Cows?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Annual CLF Meeting/Dinner

I would like to take this opportunity to invite our church and affiliate CLF members or anyone else who would be interested (even liberals) to join us at our very first annual CLF Meeting/Dinner held at the Shoney's Restaurant in Charleston, WV on Thursday, April 16th (day after tax day!). Please be on time, we start at 6pm.

We have reserved the back conference room with complementary coffee and strawberry pie, however feel free to order dinner as most of us probably will.

We will be discussing the incorporation of CLF, LLC that include:
  • Electing officers of the limited liability corporation (bachmann2012 is already designated Treasurer, sorry)
  • Adopting business policies and plans that spread the word of freedom
  • Designating committees and allocating authority to them
  • Issuing and selling stock. Stocks include shares in Exxon Mobile, GM, and pesticides
  • Approving the sale, lease, conveyance, exchange, transfer, or other disposition of all or substantially all corporate property and assets including, but not limited to, assault rifles and knives
  • Approving mergers and reorganizations with other conservative freedom fighting organizations
We will also be discussing such hot political topics as:
  • Obama appeasing Islamists in Turkey
  • The ramping up of a police state by evil Zionists and the need for assault rifles now more than ever
  • The abolition of the current Federal Government and subsequent succession of all 49 states (Hawaii turned over to Japan)
  • Barney Frank and Chris Dodd's direct involvement and cause of the collapse of the dollar and subsequent future hyperinflation.
Thanks to anyone who will be participating. If you may have any questions or concerns about the meeting, please feel free to contact me at C ya'll there!

I just KNEW it!!!

I was saying it all along and no one would listen. They said "How dare you call him Barak Hussain Obama?" and "He is no Moslim, he goes to a Christian church!". Well, for one, that's his middle name, and number two, he sounds an awful lot like a Moslim nowadays. Look at what he said at the Turkish parliament.
"Let me say this as clearly as I can," Obama said. "The United States is not and will never be at war with Islam. In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical ... in rolling back the violent ideologies that people of all faiths reject."
That just flies in the face of everything I've been told. Smart folks like Newt Gingrich, Neil Boortz, and Sean Hannity say differently. They were right all along about the economy and Iraq, they are definitely right on this one. We are at war with extremist Islam, and since I never hear about any non-extremist Moslims on the news, then therefore we must be at war with Islam. Its the communative law, its really as simple as that.

So how can someone deny basic reality like that and say we are not at war with Islam? Either they are just pandering, or they are a secret Moslim who was raised on a madrassa. You add that to him hanging out with Rev. Wright, Father Flager, and Tony Rezco. Then you multiply that by his trip to Libya to meet with Kaddafi with Louis Farrakan. Then you take the inverse quotient of one of his supporters using a Che Guevara flag in the campaign office, and you see that he is most definitely a Moslim. Oh, and his Dad was a Moslim too. And his middle name is Hussain. And Obama wasn't born in this country, no one has seen his birth certificate. The math just becomes too clear, and with his recent statements to the Turks, I am as convinced as ever, and you should be too.

I hope all the liberals will now apologize to me, but I will not hold my breath.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Join Joe and CLF in Abolishing the IRS COMPLETELY!

I think it's pretty obvious that governmental wasting of our tax dollars on petty things such as roads, national parks, public schools, and natural disasters are, well, wasteful! And don't get me started on the high corporate tax rate - the highest in the industrialized world - even though corporations don't really pay taxes. They pass them onto the consumer and conveniently have negative net incomes at the end of the tax year. Still, the rate is way too high.

The government has no business to be in OUR business, even if it means making sure road culverts remain stable and/or fixed. Please take three minutes and thirty nine seconds to view this video below and tell me you can't lay down a couple 2X12's and make it over just fine!

Us taxpayers would much rather take care of this non-issue ourselves rather than depend on government bureaucrats to pay triple the cost and take months to complete.

Joe the Plumber, Economist, War Correspondent, and Labor Abolitionist has yet again spoken to the common man and come up with some pretty darn good ideas. So go and vote and be a true American common person too. It only costs 99 cents per vote and all proceeds go to paying Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher's back taxes.

Consumer (and Reader) Alert

Hello again. I have been recently notified of a shocking revelation involving haircare products. A friend of mine outside of the church told me that he heard from several people, each of whom was informed from a reputable source, that certain shampoo conditioners are made from aborted fetuses! I won't mention the product as I do not yet know the full extent of this horrific practice. This could be far reaching. One product he mentioned was used by my lady quite extensively a few years back. She has since switched to Head and Shoulders. I use Pert. Neither of these were listed in my friends consumer alert. However, I must do more research before applying any conditioner to my hair. That is fine though, my hair is naturally full bodied. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything else. Please, in the meantime, refrain from using any conditioner until I can get to the bottom of this.

As for the reader alert, we are very likely to have another contributor soon. He is a friend outside of the church and the same trusted source of information that provided the shampoo warning. I hope to have him in the fold as a regular contributor shortly. I appreciate Bachmann2012 adding more contributions today and also celebrate Michelle Bachmann's birthday. She is just plain smart and will say a prayer for her. On August 24, I hope we will all be celebrating the birthday of my favorite politician and the next president of these United States, Mike Huckabee.

Happy Birthday Michelle Bachmann

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Iowans Ensure Their Place In Hell

I am just shocked about this. I would have expected this in Taxachussets or Vermont or Barak Hussain Obama's homestate of Hawaii. But not Iowa. I have a great uncle who used to live in Rockford and he said that Iowans were good traditional Christians who would never put up with living next to the gays. How much has changed in 15 years?
The Iowa Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling Friday finding that the state's same-sex marriage ban violates the constitutional rights of gay and lesbian couples, making Iowa the third state where marriage is legal.

In its decision, the court upheld a 2007 district court judge's ruling that the law violates the state constitution. It strikes the language from Iowa code limiting marriage to only between a man a woman.

"The court reaffirmed that a statute inconsistent with the Iowa constitution must be declared void even though it may be supported by strong and deep-seated traditional beliefs and popular opinion," said a summary of the ruling issued by the court.

Why shouldn't popular opinion matter? Look at Prop 8, even the Californians could strike down gay marriage with a simple majority. This issue should be decided by the majority in ballot initiatives, not by judicial fiat. At least that's what should be done in conservative states where over 51% of people are against gay marriage. If that number dips below 50%, then its up to a conservative judge or legislature or governor to get the job done.

The only argument for gay marriage is that the lack of it somehow infringes on their constitutional rights. But where does it say in the Constitution that gays can get married? No where, that's where. Given that I destroyed their only argument in one sentence, you'd think a judge could see that and decide accordingly.

But its so much worse to have gay marriage, which I will describe in detail in a list directly below this sentence.

1. What will we tell our children? My lady and I are childless due to my low sperm motility, but we have several nieces and nephews, some of which are very young and thus susceptible to gay indoctrination. I can just imagine by 3rd youngest nephew Ty Ty coming up to me and asking me about two men getting married or two woman holding hands in the park. I would just be stumped about what to say and would probably go into a biblical tirade, letting my temper get the best of me. And that is not good for anyone. Ty Ty would start crying and I'd have to explain myself at the family BBQ again. Not everyone in my family is a good Christian. Some of them actually voted for Barak Hussain Obama!! So I am sometimes outnumbered at family gatherings and have to tone down my sermons. Either way it goes, little Ty Ty would just get more confused and may decide its okay to become gay. Then he goes to school and some liberal teacher says its okay, then BAM, he becomes gay himself. That is just how it happens and this Iowa ruling DIRECTLY leads to what I just described.

2. All the gays will flood into Iowa and any other state that adopts gay marriage. As the very smart Iowa Republican Steve King recently stated:
Along with a constitutional amendment, the legislature must also enact marriage license residency requirements so that Iowa does not become the gay marriage Mecca due to the Supreme Court’s latest experiment in social engineering.
That is so right, and an excellent analogy with Islamic pilgramage to Mecca. Gays traveling to a state that permits unholy marriage is exactly like radical Moslims marching to their holy land to praise Allah for tricking Americans into voting for their fellow Moslim Barak Hussain Obama. So this is what that Iowa judge did, I hope he is happy. Pretty soon their will be jihadist gays blowing themselves up in a crowded market in downtown Des Moines. Steve King is just plain smart, you should call or email him to thank him for his concise rebuttal of the activist Iowa judges. Here's good ole Steve holding his hand on the Bible (not the Koran like Obama was going to use) and expressing a subtle disdain for having to stand next to Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco values.

3. God will not look kindly upon Iowans if they fail to reverse this (see post title). For the sake of their souls, this must be overturned.

4. This will hurt Iowa's economy. There are no economic benefits to gays getting married whatsoever. Move along.

5. The judges ruling is disputed by the dictionary. As always, Don Surber hits the nail on the head.
The state Supreme Court unanimously rules that gays can marry, even though the dictionary defines marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Isn’t the law based on language? If the common definition of a word is one way, how can the state Supreme Court in Iowa interpret it another way? They have taken the fourth definition of marriage and concocted out of whole cloth a “right” which is not stated in the Iowa constitution.

I had not thought of this before, but maybe that is why Don Surber is the number two blog in the world. He is just plain smart. The first and third definition is "marriage=union between man and woman". Who cares if the fourth definition mentions gay marriage, the first and third trump that easily. Saying that the definition supports gay marriage over traditional marraige is like saying the 09 Baltimore Ravens are better than the 09 Pittsburgh Steelers and the 09 Philadelphia Eagles combined. That is just silly.

Don also makes the point that the courts should have no say in this, it should be the legislature's duty. As described in my point number two, another real smart man, Steve King, makes the same recommendation. I disagree with this as I laid all out in the beginning of this post. The Iowa legislature might not have enough smart people in their current session. Given the numbers at this site, only 47 members of the Iowa House and 20 members of the Senate can be assured to be smart and most certainly moral. There may be enough of the other kind who can be forced to vote smart, assuming that they are appropriately scared into the prospect of an election loss in 2010.

One other good point about the dictionary is how concerned I have been about the liberal bias secretely inserted into the dictionary by the latte-sipping elites at American Heritage and Merriam-Webster. Bernie Goldberg laid it all out on O'Reilly's show. O'Reilly is a straight down the middle moderate so you know the amount of liberal bias must be huge for Bernie to say that on his show. I could go on and on how typical dictionary's are so biased to the liberals, but that is maybe a topic for another post. Luckily, we now have a good dictionary at, which was cited by good ole Don Surber.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Word On Freedom

Hello again, hope you all are enjoying this blog. I think we have struck the right chord so far and would like to thank Bachmann2012 for her great contributions in posting, polling, and font choice. We may be having more contributors, so watch for more insights into intellectual conservative thinking.

But a word on our group...Conservatives Loving Freedom. I understand some of you are saying "I get 'conservative', I even get 'loving', but why the emphasis on 'freedom'?" Its in our title and our mission statement, which deserves a closer examination.
Conservatives Loving Freedom (CLF) is a Charleston, West Virginia based conservative group aimed to promote freedom, demand personal responsiblity, oppose all business and environmantal regulations, ensure traditional life choice values, and cherish and defend the founding documents of the Christian-based American Republic.
Let me put it this way. Freedom is the critical point in this experiment we know as America. Freedom is the fifth wheel on a tractor-trailer combo. If that fifth wheel breaks, the payload ends up sliding into oncoming traffic and Walmart shoppers won't be getting their Nutter Butters this week. Do you want that? Do you? Well, I know you don't, unless you're a liberal.

But the trailer isn't only hauling Nutter Butters. It also contains what is so closely linked to the fifth wheel of freedom. Namely, the freedom of businesses to act freely within the unconfined space of the free market. Putting restrictions on business, in the form of anti-trust laws or pollution controls or requiring the screening of food for pathogens or prohibiting child labor, are in direct conflict with the concept of freedom. All these rules and regulations add weight to the trailer (don't get me started on weight limits for coal trucks....that is just akin to dictatorship). This added weight puts too much stress on the fifth wheel of freedom. And we need a strong fifth wheel, because the driver is hauling his behind to get the much needed Nutter Butters to the throngs of famished Walmart shoppers. This driver is naturally exceeding the speed limit, which is also an unnatural restriction on the free market. That speed combined with the stress caused by regulations and the hairpin turn of Route 3 leading into Seth is what ultimately breaks freedom, er, the fifth wheel.

From this highly accurate analogy, we can all agree that the regulations are what caused this accident to occur. Same with our economic Mike Huckabee says, it was too much regulation that caused the commercial banks to merge with the investment banks and create fancy new mortgages. Its all Fannie and Freddie and Chris Dodd, its truly that simple. Business shouldn't be burdened with the extra weight of actually complying with the laws. We should just break up what remains of the laws so the businesses are truly free and unfettered. Because if this economic crisis has proven anything is that our experiment in freedom just wasn't free enough. I say double-down on the principles of economic freedom, eliminate all wage, labor, environmental, and banking laws, then we will see true prosperity. And while we're at it privatize all government services. I'd say the last few years have shown clearly that private business is way more efficient.


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