Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rep. John Shimkus: God decides when the "earth will end"

From the March 25, 2009 hearing of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

Rep. Shimkus certainly cleared up a theological dilemma for me since he reconciled the dinasaurs and their environment with the Bible. Yay! Also, wonderful faith affirming news about the fate of the earth. How often we forget to just go to the source of all wisdom!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Solution to Economic Crisis - Drug Testing

This one is just clear to me. People want to be on welfare, then test them for drugs. We can't be letting people sit all day watching Judge Joe Brown on their flat screen TV's while I have to work and support them. Most of them welfare queens and kings are probably on the dope. If only there was a way to get drug users off the public dole and back into taking care of themselves. They were given my tax money to buy that TV, here's to hoping they bought some bootstraps too, because they have some self-lifting to do.

Well now we have a hero. Thank you God for Delegate Craig Blair (R) and his appropriately titled House Bill 3007.
The purpose of this bill is to create a random drug testing program for applicants and recipients of federal-state and state assistance in the form of welfare or food stamps or both, and unemployment compensation. Any applicant or recipient who fails an initial drug test will be required to pass a second drug test in the following thirty to sixty days to maintain eligibility for or recipients of such benefits. Failing the secondary drug test results in ineligibility for benefit for a period of two years, and requires a mandatory drug test as part of a re-application for benefits.
Get them drug users off welfare and give it to people who deserve it, although I really doubt there are many that deserve it. Well, other than my half-sister's step-niece, who is only 19 and has had it rough. But she is a hard worker, a rock-ribbed conservative, and definitely no druggie. Its just that its hard for her to take care of her 5 kids, that would be rough on anyone. Luckily her Medicaid pays for her Ativans and Lortabs.

There's only one part of this bill I don't like, and its all the way at the bottom, like they were trying to hide it. Either that or the ACLU has a spy in the Republican delegation.
The commissioner shall be responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of any and all drug test results administered as part of the program. Random drug test results shall only be used for the purpose of denying, or determining eligibility for continued receipt of, state unemployment compensation. At no time shall drug test results be released to any public or private person or entity.
No, you all are wrong on this one. I want to know if my tax dollars are used so someone can buy some dope or meth. That way I can place scorn on them. Maybe make them wear a scarlet "D" for "Druggie". I am just joking on that last part but am dead serious about the first two sentences of this paragraph. Let prospective employers know about it to so they know what they could be hiring once the druggies are off unemployment insurance.

I also listened to liberal views on this and rejected them as soon as I figured out they were godless. Took me about 3 seconds, which is quick, but I am smart. Don't worry, reader, hang out here and you will be as good as I am at picking out liberal lies. Maybe even better :) Anyway, this liberal is wrong. The druggies are addicted? So what, seems like they need some tough love. There is no excuse for drug use anyway, unless you got addicted due to pain. Increased cost and burden on non-profits? Well, we will be saving the 100's of billions we spend on welfare with the small cost of testing. I don't have the exact numbers, so don't quote me. But that is what I heard and it makes sense. As for the non-profits, that's what the free market is all about. Let the private sector take up for it, they are more efficient. Leave it to them, they will do it right and won't skimp on money I am sure of that. What about the children? Well, its not my fault they were born to druggies. Good thing my half-sister's step-nieces 5 children have such a dependable mom. Anyway, don't worry about reading that editorial, I just told you all that liberal's arguments and destroyed them in one paragraph. Case closed.

Unfortunately, I just don't know if this bill will pass. Seems the Democrat party in this state are stalling things for the God-fearing amongst us.
Republicans at the Capitol Thursday said a number of their bills, from tax cuts to nonpartisan judicial elections, have languished in committees while bills that would increase government spending are moving ahead.
Bills like HB 3007 are being introduced in 8 states including ours. So lets get the word out and give a thanks to smart people like Delegate Craig Blair (R) and Don Surber.

Ole Don just gave me and like-minded folks a hand in supporting this bill on his very excellent and informative blog. Don is real smart you should read it. And Delegate Craig Blair looks very stern on his laptop at the legislative session. He seems like he is a hard worker. Be sure to send them emails thanking them for supporting this necessary legislation. Go to the Daily Mail vent line too if you have time. Don't bother with the Gazette, that is just liberal propaganda. I would like to know who owns the Gazette. They need to get their act together like the Daily Mail owners.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Middle School in Liberal State Bans Touching

Let's get started with some actual newsworthy happenings across our great nation. A Connecticut Middle School has declared that physical touching - such as high fives and hugging - is now banned.

Principal Catherine Williams sent out a letter earlier in the week telling parents recent behavior has seriously impacted the safety and learning at the school.

"Observed behaviors of concern recently exhibited include kicking others in the groin area, grabbing and touching of others in personal areas, hugging and horseplay. Physical contact is prohibited to keep all students safe in the learning environment," Williams wrote.

Conservatives Loving Freedom (CLF) believes this a step in the right direction for our conservative youth. Not only does the ban prevent unnecessary outbreaks of gang-style fighting that blacks have brought to our public school systems, but it falls directly in line with abstinence-only teaching. It teaches our young how to begin and end their school day understanding that physical contact of any kind is also unnecessary unless for creating purposes.

East Shore Middle School parents said the change came after a student was sent to the hospital after being struck in the groin.

This sort of groping behavior is now the norm in public schools. Where teenagers of generations past were concerned with holding hands and drive-in movies, kids now are starting much younger and engaging in much more sinful behaviors. CLF believes that the primary factor promoting such behavior comes with advent of new technologies such as computers, the internet, phones, and text messaging that have all driven our youth into the drudges of sexual hell. Praise East Shore Middle School and God Bless Principal Catherine Williams for having the fortitude and puritan jurisprudence to stop this ungodly behavior. It will be stopped just as abstinence-only education has stopped millions of teenagers from engaging in premarital sex.

Quote of the Day:
High fives can lead to gang fights, while hugging almost always leads to teenage sex.


Hello all, hope you enjoyed that first post. Good news, I have convinced a fellow church goer to join me in my blog. Sorry, OUR blog. I am all about sharing.

Welcome Bachmann2012. I will let you reveal your real name when you so choose. I am looking forward to your contribution to conservative thinking and analysis. Pretty soon we will be as strong as FreeRepublic I am pretty sure on that.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Post

Hello readers. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Reggie N. and I am a Conservative Christian through and through. I am a hard worker, spend 9-5 every day working at my computer at my place of work, come home to a lovely lady that I am faithfull to, and spend quality time at my church as much as I can. As you can imagine from the title of this blog, I am not a big fan of Barak Hussain Obama and his socialist, and thus rationed, views. He is just plunging us into more spending. How can our deficits and debt handle all this? I don't know and I can't stand for it. Bush was a spender, but that was just on important stuff like wars, which kept us safe. You can't argue with that Bush kept us safe since 9-11.

I was all for McCain and Palin, they were the best if you ask me. Palin especially I really felt like I could identify with her. She was, and is, just plain smart. Look at what she is doing with the stimulus, or porkulus as it should be called, bill. She is standing up to Obama and the tax and spend ways of the Democrat party. She is saying thanks but no thanks to that unnecessary money that is just going to go to useless programs. Programs that are no good but to keep the lazy welfare kings and queens watching Judge Judy on their flat screen TV's while I am at work working. There is no use for those programs, no sir, so Palin is being real smart in saying no thanks. She says that a lot but it just goes to show how friendly she is. Well, that is just how Conservative Christians are. And that is how I am. And that, my faithfull reader, is what you will see in the next days, weeks, and hand-full of months we have until the Rapture. But I digress.

Also what you will see is not only me, Reggie N., but one or maybe even more bloggers blogging on this blog site. That's why I called this blog the ConservativeS Loving Freedom. Note the extra S, that means plural, so I need at least one more blogger or else I will have to change a name. I am new to blogging and afraid to make such a severe change. It may erase all my color and font choices, that would be horrible, I spent a lot of time on that. I plan to talk to my fellow church members tomorrow about this blog and get them to blog with me on this blog. I am very excited, as I am sure you can tell.

I would also very much welcome comments. Hopefully people at my church will come and comment if they can't be fellow bloggers. And they will tell a lot of people they know and they will tell 10 people they know until there is one big movement following this blog like RedState or MichelleMalkin. I'd like for readers to ask questions then I could link to a question-and-answer page on the side. Like for questions that are asked frequently. Darn, I can't explain things very well, I hate it when I draw a blank. Oh well, I should also say that I used to be a quite heavy drinker, but I have been reformed and born again. Still, my memory and thinking have suffered.

I will also accept liberals on this site, but beware. I am a top notch thinker even with the past drinking problems and will not let your liberal lies off easy. I am an avid viewer of fair and balanced news and the highly informative talk radio on the AM dial. As you can tell, I am up on current events and know all about the lies of the liberal smear merchants. I will always try to be nice though as I am still a Christian.

Anyway, more to come soon. Thanks for reading.


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