Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mike Huckabee Was Here!!! Really, He Was!!!!

Hey, did you guys hear the news!?!?!! My all time favorite politician ever, Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee was here, in Charleston, just yesterday. And to think I totally missed it. He was here for the Massey Energy expo at the Civic Center. My boss would not let me take more than my 35 minute lunch and combine it with my 37.5 minutes of cumulative break time so I could go over there and meet the man who will make history. Very disappointing, but I understand that by not being present in my office for a full day could hurt company profits.

The picture above is not from yesterdays event. No, if Chuck Norris was there WITH Mike Huckabee, I would have snuck out of work. Well, no, I probably wouldn't have. But I would have been REALLY disappointed if I missed them both. I did see good ole Mike when he came down to the Books-a-Million in December 08. I saw the top of his head amongst the throngs of fans who swarmed his bus. Good times. Good times.

Anyway, back to the point of my post. Not only did Massey get to show off its wonderous committment to safety and the environment, but Mike Huckabee showed he's still got political smarts. Here's some of his interview with MetroNews:
"I don't think America is in its last hour," Huckabee said in an interview with MetroNews. "I'm not a doom and gloom guy. I think what we're seeing in the political uproar in this country is indicative that people are ready to take back their country and aren't ready to give up on America."
I totally agree Mike. America is not in its last hour. Although, the socialist fascist Marxist/Leninist in the White House (also a secret Kenyan Moslim) is doing his best to devalue the dollar through large deficits. But Mike can't always speak so openly, like Glenn Beck, as a politician has to be positive and upbeat.
"A lot of times Americans, they hear the worst things about the coal industry from President Obama and a lot of the liberals in Congress," Huckabee says.
"Look, this industry is one of the reasons America can be self sustaining.""Cap and trade, which I like to call cap and tax, is really one more way of the government getting into our pockets. It would create huge costs for every household."
I also call it "cap and tax". I wonder how he heard about that too. Mike and I should totally hang out, we are on the same wavelength. Clearly, he is right. We have an unlimited amount of coal and it is not hurting the environment whatsoever.
"Making it possible with people with developmental disabilities and severe illnesses to be able to access health care, nobody argues we should do that," Huckabee explained. "But we can't do it the way that Congress has proposed because what they're really proposing truly will bankrupt America."
"I'm hoping that members of Congress finally realize that they may want this, President Obama may want this, but 75-percent of the American people do not want this."
I completely agree. Only 25% of Americans wants this health care bill, that's what all the polls say. This health care bill will certainly bankrupt us. Republicans are fiscally conservative, they would never push through a bill people didn't want through a simple majority vote. The gall of these Democrats to ram through this large, throbbing bill down our quivering throats. Its just sinful, really. Shame on the Democrats.
As for future political aspirations, Huckabee says he hasn’t made any decisions about another run for the White House. He says he plans on making that decision after this current election cycle winds down.
Run, Mike, run!!!! And please, choose wisely for VP. May I suggest a Huckabee/Norris ticket?!?!


Bachmann2012 said...

There was a rerun of Huckabee's interview on channel 13 this Sunday. I must say, Michael Dale was talking some baloney by saying that school vouchers don't really work all that well in rural areas. Plus, he sent all his kids to public school. I'm really disappointed in the guy...

wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

We've gotta use coal...what are these pinko, liberal, commie, fascist, liberal people thinking? We need to maintain our energy independence so we'll be able to set folks in the middle east straight about selling us their oil. Only by being energy independent can we force them to sell us their energy sources. Go Mr. Huckabee and go Massey! You're on the right track!

wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

Golly shucks, I just remembered...I was at Panera Bread Co this past weekend preparing for my weekly Bible study on the evils of liberalism when I overheard the table next to me...they were talking about this new site they found and how much they enjoyed it...people are finding out about the CLF and spreading the word!

Congratulations! and remember - You Keep Conservatives using freedom!

Bachmann2012 said...

Well, wfp... there actually were some CLF members at the table nearby. We were there in hopes of recruiting some of Marvene's hippy friends over from the dark side. I mentioned to her that I thought wfp and his fam were seated near us (from recognizing faces on the not-so-conservative blog you run) and Marvene, with her big mouth, just refused to keep it down. I am sorry I did not say hello but I am not as outgoing as some and because I also suck.

wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

Sorry you suck...but next time, say howdy. I am pretty sure I have seen many of those/you folks on our frequent trips to the carb factory!

Reggie N. said...

Hey, how come I was not invited to Panera Bread?? I know I get hot under the collar when debating your hippie friends Marvene, but I promised to be on my best behavior after the last dust-up. I am still our best proseltizer (sp??). You remember Maek was hesitant to join the CLF until I had a long talk with him. Then I introduced him to Winston, and those too seemed to hit it off, even taking motorcycle trips together.

WFP, I would not have ignored you like Michelle and Marvene did. Shame on them. First she messes us with the CLF dinner, then she avoids you like the great plague at the carb factory. Which reminds me Marvene, I have not been on South Beach or Adkins for nearly 2 years, so there really was no excuse not to invite me to Panera.

I have been hounding Michelle to send you an email invite so you can start posting on our site. I am just too bogged down at work to post much and we could definitely use your insight and contributions.
You Keep Conservatives Using Freedom also too!!!


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