Friday, July 9, 2010

Billboard signs that make me thankful I live in a red state.


Reggie N. said...

That is just awesome. I love the Donut Connection and Wendy's, it is just appropriate that my other favorite, Glenn Beck, is sandwiched in between my beloved donut holes (can eat em like popcorn) and the new triple value meal (supersized). So I am just stoked about that billboard, clearly. Also, I'm so glad that Glenn is on the FM (94.5). He is just so mainstream, everyone should be listening. He's followed by Michael Savage in the evening too. He's mainstream too!!!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

When I want the news I switch on WCHS. They really know how to report. Them an Fox.
Bachmann, I ben away for a while but you still look beautiful as last time
I looked at yore picture.

Bachmann2012 said...

Oh Sagy, you are making me blush that color of conservative RED.


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