Saturday, December 4, 2010

CLF Update!!

Hello all. I know its been a while since we last posted here on the CLF site. We've been pretty busy with work, what with business celebrating the conservative victory this November. On a personal level, I can say that I am just elated with the victory, with conservatives taking our country back from the secular progressive scourge. I am just happier in general and have really felt more upbeat, even with the extra 0.75 hour of unpaid overtime we've implemented at my IT job.

Now with the potential destruction of further unemployment benefits coupled with making Bush's tax cuts permanent for everyone including millionaires and billionaires, who by the way, if you haven't noticed, created upteen thousands of jobs from a period between 2001 and 2008, we still need to keep these cuts in order to invest in job creating industries such as hotel/restaurant management, fiberglass polishing, financial things, and culinary services. Tax cuts create wealth, simple as that, despite the liberal lie of unemployment benefits returning 1.64 dollars for every dollar spent as opposed to Bush tax cuts permanent returning 0.29 cents for every dollar spent.. but that's a lie. Don't believe the lies.

In addition to the tax argument, the one lie I am tired of hearing from the liberals is about the so-called evils of "free trade". Free is right there in the first word, so I am all for that. Plus, I can afford a 35 inch high def flat screen TV. Marvene can afford an I-Touch for her 17 month old grand-niece Jayden. That's called capitalism. And its the only thing we have that isn't at least communist/socialist. Clearly, the fact that all these people can spend $198 for high-end electronics, you just know our country must be doing something right. You can't do that in France or Germany and just spend $198. Its like $599, and that right there tells me that that additional $401 is the difference between our freedom loving enterprise of rugged individualists, and the socialist Western Europe who spend that difference on trivial things like taxes and health care and infrastructure and research&development and social services in general. Plus, those people don't have the freedom to buy guns whenever, preserve property rights, and basically have no limits in a companies behavior in the marketplace (with the exception of the actions of a natural person in the context of fertility rights, sexuality, and putting women in their rightful place).

Don't take that last item wrong, my lady is a strong woman in today's society. She what some would call a Grizzly mom. No, we do not have any children (re. low sperm motility), but we do have two adorable Yorkies. One brown, one black with white spot, named Chi Chi and Dolores. I can assure you that were anyone to attack either one, such as that big collie near our walk route, my lady would attack with a ferocity not seen since Chuck Norris in the middle part of Mission Impossible II when Braddock just goes nuts on those Cambodians guarding the bridge.

So that's all, its basically whats been kicking around my head these past glorious four and a half weeks since we took back at least 1/2 of our country.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Ms Bachman, I've bin tellin you I aint so sure about this guy for some time now. Do you believe it now? I mean come on, "yorkies?!" What kind of man has "yorkies?" "Chi chi and Delores?! You gotta be kiddin me right. aint nobody I ever knew had a dog big or small named Chi chi or some girly girl name.
Geez, and "low sperm motility?!?!" WTF?
I knocked up my woman from across the room on one festive occasion. What kinda man has "low sperm motility" and even talks about it to his bestest friend let alone posts it on the innernet?!
And let's face it, real conservative men don't work "IT" jobs. We aint weenies. We really work fer a livin. . . puttin stuff together and mashin up stuff and stuff like that. . . you know, diggin and stuff.
So you gonna do anything about this poser?
I hope you an this pantie waist aint got nuthin goin on as far as . . . well, you know, personal, uh, the sorta thing that might bring shame upon. . . like. . . you aint like, well, you know.
If ya ar ya aint gittin much satisfacshun fer sure. Why don't you send me a personal e-mail an I'll tell you about what a real man is suppose to do fer ya.

Bachmann2012 said...

Hola Sagola! Sorry for the late response, been super busy making copies and sometimes answering phones for 'da man.'
I can't begin to describe Reggie's odd choices in pets, work, motility, or otherwise. He's his own man and I'm surprised he hasn't jumped on here to confront your assertions. Almost sounds like you have a slight man-crush on ol' Reggie. I can tell you tho he only swings one way...and that's toward the Bible!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

man-crush on reg. . . what the. . . are you implying? You don't realize that I am all man, not one of those panty waisted homosexshuels. I don't swing no way but the RIGHT way. How can you even think . . . to imply such a thing. . . I got the boys waitin for me outside. We're gettin ready to drink beer, shoot guns and mess around with our trucks. . . we might kill some hairy creature if we can sneak up real quiet like on it.
man-crush?! I thought you liked me?!?!

Bachmann2012 said...

Are you fellas going sheep herding up in the Wyoming mountains anytime soon? I heard thems was some hard winters but pretty springs. I'll let Reggie know if you are going... sure his lady won't mind.

Anonymous said...


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