Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Argue with a Statist

Looks like the MSM has chosen Mitt Romney, but Ron Paul continues to campaign and fill college tennis court sized stadiums. You can still send him money too and that's ok that it won't provide him with any more of a chance to win because he runs a Debt-Free campaign and you can be assured it will be spent for Liberty. But we, the freedom lovers, must also help. Here at the CLF we've tried to provide a good reference point for when you are combing internet message forums and comment sections... places like the HuffPo, or Thomm Hartman's communist site... and you want spread the word of Liberty! Here is a *how to* on arguing with one of those statists who refuse to read a real economics book and learn something.

I. A good time saving measure to refute any "fact" that the liberal or neocon war monger makes in a comment is to first link to a good youtube video. Youtube is FILLED with them and all you need to do is search for the subject matter you are arguing about (i.e. hyper-inflation, weed, FEMA, 1960's lunch counters) along with the words "ron paul." Lots of great vids from RonPaulFlix and RonPaul2008DotCom!

All the reader has to do is watch these videos and they should then realize exactly how right Ron Paul and liberty really are! If the statist continues to argue their point, then they either didn't watch the video or didn't understand it like you do, and you must tell them this.

II. Whenever arguing about health care or abortion rights, always remember to reference the "Dr." before Ron Paul's name (however it can be used anywhere). But particularly, this gives him way more credibility in these fields. It gives him an omniscient-like understanding of a woman's uterus and emergency rooms like no other being on Earth, therefore his principled stance MUST be right.

III. Aside from the military and, of course, the courts, there are almost no circumstances where the government can manage something better than private ownership... no matter how big or daunting. And even if so, refer to the State or locality that assuredly knows better and somehow has the money. See that way, we can eliminate a lot of Federal agencies like the DOE, FEMA and yes, those pesky national parks. Here's an example on how to argue your principled stance:

Statist: Ron Paul wants to eliminate federal land like Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon. Teddy Roosevelt would be rolling in his grave.

RonPaul2012: Doctor Paul's argument is for private land ownership!! And no human rights can exist without property rights. Since raw goods are produced by the mind and effort of great individuals, and if that individual producer does not own the result of his effort, he does not own his life. The fact that you can not grasp this fundamental concept is astounding and it demonstrates the failure of our public educational system!

Statist: But what about the Grand Canyon and the beauty it possesses? Imagine if mining efforts and the Arizona Territory had their way in 1903. The Canyon would be completely stripped and high rise condos would be in its place today. The federal government ensures the conservation of these lands and also provides economic activity to those states such as fishing, camping, tourism, etc.

RonPaul2012: No, individual States are better at dealing with their own money than having the Federal Government or greedy hands of Congress dictate how MY money is allocated to other states I will never visit. Let the states manage themselves the way the Constitution of the United States of America was intended. There are some quotes by Jefferson and some other founders expressing this exact states rights point. I will google them.. hold on.

IV. Then when it really gets sticky, and the communists are talking about economic issues, you can easily deflect their points with convoluted definitions and talking points. Here are a few examples you may copy and paste:

"It wasn't the hedge fund managers, it was the government. See, this was never capitalism, this was corporatism or fascism. Don't confuse capitalism with cronyism and corporatism, thanks."

"The U.S. has never been a Capitalist country in its truest sense. A system of capitalism presumes sound money, not fiat money manipulated by a central Jewish bank. You must read a few books and come back to this discussion at another time."

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