Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rep. John Shimkus: God decides when the "earth will end"

From the March 25, 2009 hearing of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

Rep. Shimkus certainly cleared up a theological dilemma for me since he reconciled the dinasaurs and their environment with the Bible. Yay! Also, wonderful faith affirming news about the fate of the earth. How often we forget to just go to the source of all wisdom!


Reggie N. said...

I know, that is what I say all the time. Why keep on asking questions when the answer is found all in one book. This principle shouldn't just apply when a person is faced with a personal moral dilemma. We should also invoke this whenever a question arises involving science and public policy. I saw this show on Discovery Channel about scientists who were able to prove that at least 5 things in the Bible were actually true and could be proven with science. That right there tells you a lot about the inerrancy of the Bible. So if the Bible says "go use of this Earth and take dominion over it" then I am like, "why not, that is what God wants". I certainly don't want to disappoint Him. If we don't continue burning fossil fuels, God will become angry and may smite us with a hurricane or flood.

Fuido Pandudi said...

Let me make this clear. I think Shimkus is a great man, one of us. But he has a couple of points wrong. First, Genesis and Mathew, when writing the bible, were roomates at a Hebrew prep school. They actually never talked to God directly, but they got most of their information from the headmaster Moses. As we all know, Moses was a Jew and not a Christian like Genesis and Mathew so that his view of the world was a little cornfused. Also, during dinosaur times, about 4000 years ago, the flora and fauna did not increase the carbon in the atmosphere. It was those cavemen like Fred and Barney, you know Flintstone and Rubble, that were burning all that coal.


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