Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Mark of the Devil - National Prayer Day Sign

Well I was writing my monthly donation to that Presbyterian Church downtown (along with many other donations to many other churches - no worries my faithful Baptists on Campbell's Creek) and as I was exiting my 1998 Lincoln Continental from the church parking lot I saw the "sign!" And it was on my check!!!

Hath the lord strike on me a message or warning of some kind? Or was it the work of the devil himself? Well then I said, I wrote it for a reason and had no idea if that check number was on there until after I wrote it. So that right there tells me it was meant to be since I love God instead. So be it, I said, and I deposited that check right there into that donation box. No fear.

One time, Reggie had a similar occurrence. He went to the Subway and ordered a Sub Club with cookie and a drink. The cashier, who was obviously homo and flaming, screamed "Oh my God!!" when he saw that the purchase totaled $6.66. So the god-fearing homo cashier added a penny to the order, making the new total $6.67. Reggie got rightfully furious over this obvious attempt to steal his money and sued the Subway company for theft. Reggie won the case, a penny, but has yet to see the $55 in court costs still owed. Reggie plans to file a lien on Subway Co. in case they go under like all the businesses will under Obama-nation.

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Reggie N. said...

Well I wish you hadn't reminded me of that incident at the Subway. For one, it was bad enough I had to witness the mark of the beast simply due to my order. On top of that he has to add a penny. He could have just as easily taken away a penny, that way I only have to deal with silver change. They should just do away with pennies if you ask me, but I digress. Anyway, this is still a big reason I do not support gays getting marriage rights.

Be strong Michelle and do not despair at your check incident. But I do wonder why you are donating to other churches. I thought the 10% donation of income requirement was for your church alone. Sure, spending 5% on your church and 5% on some other Christian is good and helps spread the word of God. But the downside is less money for your church. Maybe that is why yours still uses our church's rec center all the time. Now don't get upset at that, we welcome you all as fellow good Christians, but maybe if you had a rec center you could join the basketball league and have little Timmy finally get some exercise instead of playing those video games all the time.


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