Thursday, June 18, 2009

David Letterman Should Be Fired!

It was completely obvious from David Letterman's horrendous joke that he was talking about that other Palin daughter, what's her name? Willing? Maybe it is Pillow? Anyway, I forget, but it was undeniable that it was the 14 year old he was talking about because we've heard a lot about her.

Here's some protesters standing outside Letterman's studio demanding that he be fired. What braves souls these people are, for standing up to one of the most essential and pressing issues we are facing today: Tacky jokes from subpar late night comedians.

Jay Leno is ten times better and would never have made such tasteless jokes about Ms. Sarah Heath Palin and her family.


Reggie N. said...

Great post Michelle. I too wish I was able to go to New York and protest with the 10's of concerned citizens standing up to that pervert Dave Letterman. How dare he shamefully attack Sarah Palin's underage daughter, because that is the only logical explanation for what he said. There is no way he was referring to her older teenage daughter who got pregnant out of wedlock. That just doesn't make sense.

Its clear he was attacking Willow, so Sarah Palin did the only honorable thing she could do and that is to shine a big spotlight onto her 14 year old daughter. That will teach Letterman a lesson about exploiting young people for political gain. And I loved Sarah's comment about Letterman being a pervert who must be kept away from Willow. That was funny, I laughed a lot, Sarah should have her own show not Dave. All this just goes to show Mrs. Palin is classy and down-to-earth small town friendly.

Marvene Letard said...

As one of the bystanders in the video said, "I only watch Fox."

Reggie N. said...

I thought you only watched Christian programming Marvene? I'm glad you are watching Fox News now too. I guess Fox qualifies as good Christian programming. You should watch Huckabee on the weekends! He is even smarter than Jack Van Impe, who I know you like too. :)


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