Thursday, June 11, 2009

Questioning WWII

One of the greatest conservative thinkers of our time, Pat Buchanan, has written a book entitled, Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War": How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World" in which he postulates that Hitler had no intention of invading Britain and Churchill made a slew of blunders. He asks, "Where is the evidence that Hitler intended to make Britain a slave state?" Therefore, Britain and eventually America fought an unnecessary war. Everything would have been different. The USSR would never have become a superpower and Britain and America would have ruled the West without having to battle communism all those years. There would be no Israel and pretty much no Jews. Therefore, peace in the Middle East and no need for the Gulf War or the Iraq War. Japan would have ruled over China so no Korean War or Vietnam War. What a wonderful world! We certainly would never have had to experience the Clinton White house. Since the U.S. would still be segregated, who would be our president now? What if Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin wasn't funny? All of us conservatives should rewrite history.

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Reggie N. said...

So true marvene. WWII was unnecessary, mainly because it was ginned up by that socialist-fascist FDR. He was trying to turn our roaring capitalist economy we enjoyed in the 20's into a socialist-communist one in the mold of Karl Marx and Hilter that caused the Great Depression. Hilter even named his party the National Socialists, which means literally Socialist Fascists who Nationalize the Economy. FDR was just jealous that Hilter was more of a socialist, and thus rationed, politician than he so he staged the Pearl Harbor attacks, which inspired Kennedy's staging of the moon landing. This is all true, I saw it on Glenn Beck just last night!!!!

Great analysis on the "what if" scenarios. I totally agree. Germany would have stopped all aggression and Chekloslovakia and had no interest in advanced nuclear weaponry. The Japanese treated the Chinese well enough too. And Italy would have ensured that Africa would not have the problems it has now, what with their contributions to timely train arrivals.


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