Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Word On Freedom

Hello again, hope you all are enjoying this blog. I think we have struck the right chord so far and would like to thank Bachmann2012 for her great contributions in posting, polling, and font choice. We may be having more contributors, so watch for more insights into intellectual conservative thinking.

But a word on our group...Conservatives Loving Freedom. I understand some of you are saying "I get 'conservative', I even get 'loving', but why the emphasis on 'freedom'?" Its in our title and our mission statement, which deserves a closer examination.
Conservatives Loving Freedom (CLF) is a Charleston, West Virginia based conservative group aimed to promote freedom, demand personal responsiblity, oppose all business and environmantal regulations, ensure traditional life choice values, and cherish and defend the founding documents of the Christian-based American Republic.
Let me put it this way. Freedom is the critical point in this experiment we know as America. Freedom is the fifth wheel on a tractor-trailer combo. If that fifth wheel breaks, the payload ends up sliding into oncoming traffic and Walmart shoppers won't be getting their Nutter Butters this week. Do you want that? Do you? Well, I know you don't, unless you're a liberal.

But the trailer isn't only hauling Nutter Butters. It also contains what is so closely linked to the fifth wheel of freedom. Namely, the freedom of businesses to act freely within the unconfined space of the free market. Putting restrictions on business, in the form of anti-trust laws or pollution controls or requiring the screening of food for pathogens or prohibiting child labor, are in direct conflict with the concept of freedom. All these rules and regulations add weight to the trailer (don't get me started on weight limits for coal trucks....that is just akin to dictatorship). This added weight puts too much stress on the fifth wheel of freedom. And we need a strong fifth wheel, because the driver is hauling his behind to get the much needed Nutter Butters to the throngs of famished Walmart shoppers. This driver is naturally exceeding the speed limit, which is also an unnatural restriction on the free market. That speed combined with the stress caused by regulations and the hairpin turn of Route 3 leading into Seth is what ultimately breaks freedom, er, the fifth wheel.

From this highly accurate analogy, we can all agree that the regulations are what caused this accident to occur. Same with our economic Mike Huckabee says, it was too much regulation that caused the commercial banks to merge with the investment banks and create fancy new mortgages. Its all Fannie and Freddie and Chris Dodd, its truly that simple. Business shouldn't be burdened with the extra weight of actually complying with the laws. We should just break up what remains of the laws so the businesses are truly free and unfettered. Because if this economic crisis has proven anything is that our experiment in freedom just wasn't free enough. I say double-down on the principles of economic freedom, eliminate all wage, labor, environmental, and banking laws, then we will see true prosperity. And while we're at it privatize all government services. I'd say the last few years have shown clearly that private business is way more efficient.


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