Sunday, September 6, 2009

Obama is a Ruthless Chicago-Style Politician

Good Ole Karl Rove said it right a few months ago....Obama is a ruthless Chicago-style politician. He is even scarier and more ruthless than Nancy Pelosi, she the purveyor of San Francisco values. Lets look at recent history....

1. Obama appoints this black radical Van Jones as enviro-wacko Czar, then it comes out he said 9-11 was an inside job and used the A-word to malign Republicans. Cursing is just beyond the pale, especially when Republicans have been so gentle to Obama, so why is he still on the job? I'll tell you why...Obama is a ruthless Chicago-style politician!

2. Obama plans to indoctrinate our students by speaking to them on Tuesday. This is so outrageous, as no other president had ever done anything similar to that in the past ever!!! His continued plans to brainwash our youth despite public outcry proves one thing....Obama is a ruthless Chicago-style politician!

3. Obama has the Congress write its ObamaCare plans, which will involve a government takeover of our hospitals and Medicare. Additionally, it will give money to Acorn and free health care to illegals, also. Yet Obama still plans to push through his radical leftist plans for a single-payer, Canada style system, which just goes to show....Obama is a ruthless Chicago-style politician!

4. To pass his radical Canadian-style health care bill, Obama is planning to use a process called reconciliation, or what Fox News calls the "nuclear option". That has never been used before and Republicans would never entertain the thought of changing Senate rules, unless it was for a good reason. Once again, the proof is in the pudding.....Obama is a ruthless Chicago-style politician!

I could go on an on how Obama has stuck to his radical leftist agenda in the face of overwhelming, spontaneous, horizontal, grassroots opposition, but I think you get the point. Obama doesn't care what public opinion is, which is something that Hitler probably did too. So say it with me.....Obama is a ruthless Chicago-style politician!

Case closed.


Anonymous said...

Your site is misinformed. And, you still haven't removed the photo of Jesus urinating into the clouds. Response to #1: really just your opinion. Where are your facts? #2 (a good title for it): There have been at least two presidents who addressed school children on the first day of class, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. #3: Medicare is a government funded AND administered entity. Opt out of Medicare if you don't likt it. #4 The "nuclear option" has been used and Senate rules have been changed by Republicans. Comparing President Obama to Hitler is really offensive. Hitler ordered the killing of 6 million Jews. Bearing false witness against President Obama is a sin. Shame on you.

Reggie N. said...

No, our site is well informed, you are just wrong on that one. We provide references for all our points, you just choose not to do the research.

Please provide a name "anonymous". I am eager for a debate, but only with a real life, flesh and blood, internet user that has a NAME.

Anonymous said...
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Reggie N. said...

Anonymous, you are not adding to the debate with your constant references to something you imagine, but does not actually, appears on our site. Grow up please.

Anonymous said...

Marlene used to be a man.

OMA from Campbells Crek said...

I MISS ANOnymus getting destroyed by REgg's debating skill :(


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