Monday, September 28, 2009

Mark O' the Devil at Mickey Dees!

It has happened AGAIN!! Please refer to a previous post I did concerning the ominous markings of the devil on a check I donated to a good Christian church. I thought it was possibly a fluke but now I know that Jesus (and Satan) work in mysterious ways indeed.

Here is the proof!

Needless to say, I am not going to that restaurant anymore. Spencer will just have to settle for a frosty shake from Wendy's!


Reggie N. said...

Oh my, I can't believe it happened to you again. I have just had it happen to me once at that Subway, which I now avoid like the plague. Since then, I have learned to do quick calculations in my head, accounting for the sales tax. That is why I do not support the sales tax reduction, that would mean I have to learn the new math, and could end up with a 6.66 bill. I would much rather pay 1% more than get the mark of the beast again.

Anonymous said...

This can't be serious! Really? Superstition? You are avoiding a restaurant because the total was $6.66? What's next? Don't tell me. Let me guess. Baker's Square is serving, GASP, Devil's Food Cake?!! Boy, oh boy.

Reggie N. said...

I know it doesn't make much sense to secular progressives like you, who don't see any mystery or magic in their lives. So sorry you don't get to experience that. Maybe if you had been smart and went to Awana's or something like that as a child you would understand. The number is a mark of the beast and means something, I don't care what you say.

I will tell you that I enjoy Deviled Eggs quite a bit. My step-aunt Mackie will not be in the same room as a deviled egg, which I think is just ridiculous. But I respected her enough to snicker quietly to my cousins and did not laugh at her in the open like you are doing with your comment. So please be more respectful, considering you are a heathen posting on a site of, by, and for faithful people.

By the way, when are you going to tell us your name anonymous?

Also, thank you for finally not mentioning what you've been mentioning over and over and over. It was getting old, even Oma didn't think it was funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am laughing openly at you; you're correct. Also, the urinatin Jesus is a HOOT! Keep it. We are all getting a great laugh at your expense. LOL!! The more I read this site the less I think it is legitimate. No sane person or persons can be so incoherent & stubborn. LOL!!

Bachmann2012 said...

Hey anony... please have your "friends" stop by and comment too. We know you all love the CLF!!

Reggie N. said...

Dang Michelle, I was going to delete his post for mentioning bodily fluids again, which only exist in his/her dirty mind. Now I can't because you responded and our discussion won't make sense to our legions of other readers. However, good point on anonymous's friends coming over, but I seriously doubt he/she has any friends. Atheistic heathens are notorious loners.

Anonymous said...

Hey, go fuck yourself! I know you can.

Bachmann2012 said...

Such filthy language!! For someone so concerned with urination pictorials, you sure do like to talk with a sinful tongue.

Just curious, do you drive slow in the left lane in Ohio?

wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

I see the horrible issue with which you are faced. I think I will write to all of our conservative members in Congress and see if we can't start some legislation to demand our schools serve only Angelfood cake.

And while we are at it, I have been writing to my representatives for weeks now...I think our next war surely must be with the must know that the well known child-corrupter JK Rowling lives there...where she dreams up the mischief of that boy Harry Potter. The way I see it, we should ramp up angelfood cake production here in the good ol' US of A and drop angelfood cakes all over the UK to cure Rowling's apparent love of all things evil. Goodness sakes, I for one despise it when my children enjoy reading anything other than or the King James Bible.

Anyhow, wheat, dairy, and poultry farmers will need to step up their factory farms to make enough product for the increased demand as we bake our cakes of love. The way I see it, we can defeat those commie pinko liberals AND stimulate our economy!


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