Thursday, December 10, 2009

Public Option Kapoot!

"Ce-le-bra-tion time... come on!"

Well I for one, and I'm sure many of our faithful readers here, are so proud that the Republicans and tea-baggers alike have destroyed any hope for a public option in the health care bill. But let's not forget that SanFran Pelosi, Harry Sneeze, and Barack Hussain Obama should get partial congratulations for their wilting stance and slide to the center-right yet again. I can't tell you how gracious I am for the Demoncrats to not only look for compromise with us (since we are always compromising with them), but to simply throw out one of their stupid big ideas altogether. Now, some of you may say... what about Medicare being available to 55 year olds now? Well, just watch that go in the tank because that will break it and it just isn't sustainable - unlike the private insurance industry where the market always does what's right.

More later...


wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

I am so thankful that people are coming to their senses on this issue! For goodness sakes, if everyone had insurance, there is no way I could go see my doctor whenever I needed to go. I for one think that poor folks should just continue to go to the emergency room so they don't die (and clutter the ditches and streets in my neighborhood). In fact, I think those ingrates should be thankful that they can get medical care at all!

Anonymous said...

Very Christian of you, wfp. Is that what Jesus would say?

Reggie N. said...

wfp, you are right on with your astute analysis. The public option was just another assault on our freedom. I am so glad our conservative leaders removed this assault on our freedom to get insurance from private entities only.


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