Monday, May 17, 2010


I am encouraged by Sue Lowden and her thoughts of bartering doctor treatments for chickens. What a great idea but I would like to go one further. How about chickens for sex. We could start with Miss Lowden, she is not bad looking. Of course if you have followed my very infrequent posts you are aware of my admiration and hots for our two conservative leaders, Sarah and Michelle, as in Palin and Bachman, they might be willing to get on the bandwagon. Research has shown that sexually transmitted deseases are most often passes along by using money for the service. You get your dirty dollars out give them to the lady and then touch each other in the private places. Hello STD's. With chickens to barter you avoid all that and have good clean fun. Maybe a little kinky but that is OK.


Bachmann2012 said...

I think Reggie might be a tad bit offended by your post Fuido.. but, yeah.

Fuido Pandudi said...

Well Regie is a stuffy guy and does not admitt to his perversions. I have heard stories about Reggieand the farm animals.

Reggie N. said...

Fuido, I will just let those comments flow off my back. I am a good Christian, and not one to get into a tit for tat (although I hear you prefer the latter over the former). Anyway, I am above all this name calling, and will just not get into those rumors of you in the bathhouses. I am above all that, so will not go any further, especially about those stories of you at the ER with Tony Cavalier.


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