Saturday, May 22, 2010

CLF Announcement

In honor of Dr. Rand Paul's amazing victory on super Super Tuesday, I am making decision to change Winston's avatar to that of Dr. Rand Paul. Winston has previously expressed his admiration for one Alex Jones. Good ole Alex has even publicly announced his donation to the Paul campaign. Here's a pic I have of the two.

Seeing that Rand Paul has come to the correct opinions with regards to the Civil Rights Act (at least one of the titles), the Fair Housing Act, the American's With Disability Act, the EPA, the Department of Education, Obama-style takeover of our health care system (especially the ramming part of it), etc. etc., I must also assume that Alex Jones shares those views. I have not heard much of Alex, I usually just rely on what Winston tells me. And most of it sounds just plain smart, especially to a rock-ribbed Christian Conservative like me. I also approve of his pointing at the camera. That just looks cool.

I will assume that Mr. Paul will correct his views on Israel, foreign interventions, and a willingness to appear on lefty, lesbian, latte-sipping, limousine liberal shows. He has already done a good job by blaming Rachel Maddow for his failures in the interview the other night. It was abusive to keep asking the same question over and over, especially since Dr. Rand Paul is so clear on the issue.

Clearly, he only has a problem with only one of the titles of the Civil Rights Act. The part about banning discrimination for private businesses. Its only a problem if the federal government does it, that is for sure. Dr. Paul even said he'd have voted for the Act, because the South had all those problems in the 1960's. I'm sure noting the location and timeframe when the racial discrimination took place says absolutely nothing about his views with respect to the Act in the current time and place. Plus, he even said he would have walked hand in hand with MLK had he not been 2 years old. He couldn't walk in a march then, his legs would have been too small. I have taken some of my step-nephews with me to a Tea Party rally, I know how hard it is for the youngins. Plus, they were just terrible the whole time, so that is a mistake I won't make again.


Bachmann2012 said...

Wow..where to begin? With the endorsement of both Alex Jones and the mighty Sarah Palin, I just don't know where you could go wrong with Rand. And what a name - Rand. Doesn't it just have a ring to it? I wonder if his childhood classmates realized he was named after a delightful and page-turning novelist?

Anywho, the consistency and honesty of Dr. Rand to dismantle the government's control over our property just isn't a mainstream view, but is growing among those of us to read fictional novels and then come to believe we are well-informed political philosophers.

I think his chances for winning the Senate seat are good, and I think the demoncrats and lame-stream media know it, and they'll do everything they can to bring him down. What I witnessed on the TV the past couple days is so transparent and makes me totally sick. It's exactly how they treated Sarah Palin. She is asked a question, answers it, and bam! the media has the nerve to be dumbfounded.

Marvene Letard said...

Wow that Alex Jones could compete with Rush for leader of the Republican Party!

Reggie N. said...

I agree totally Michelle. How the lamestream media has treated Dr. Rand Paul is just appalling, but I will not say they have been as bad to him as they were to Mrs. Sarah Palin. They had the gall to ask her what she reads!!! As if she's some illiterate bumpkin from a rural state.

Anyhow, I see how Dr. Rand Paul has correctly condemned Barak Hussain Obama for his condemnation of the uncondemnable BP. Dr. Rand Paul clearly is steeped in knowledge of American History. It IS unAmerican for Obama to criticize BP. I'm pretty sure the founders of this country would have been appalled at such criticism of a British multinational corporation at that time. I'm sure fellow Tea Partiers could remind Obama of that!!!

wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

You know, speaking of BP...why couldn't BP make a few bucks at this "leak"? We have some significant ports in the Gulf so there is plenty of traffic. Why don't passing ships just drop a hose over the side, pick up some fuel and keep motoring on. BP can simply send electronic bills to the shipping companies and capitalism rolls on! This oil slick is mis-named...I say they should call it a floating gas tank!

Reggie N. said...

Good points wfp, but our lamestream media will never acknowledge correct labeling of this oil slick. As I implicitly learned in that one marketing class I took in college, whatever one says or does to sell products and ideas to people, as long as its in the free-enterprise system (i.e. no regulations or taxes), then that product or idea is therefore moral and above reproach. If the product fails or grossly immoral, then its fault is solely due to government interference somehow.


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