Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Scientists Attack

Some of you may remember a recent post of mine attacking supposed polling of alleged scientists and their reported opinions on social topics. Therein, the radical liberal views of scientists, like believing in the global warming hoax, was promoted. At first, I doubted that these numbers were true, given the dominance of Rush Limbaugh listeners in the vicinity of my cubicle at the IT department. However, with the appointment of John Holdren to dark-lord science Czar, I fear that the evil forces promoting the evolutionism lie are winning out.

Seems this guy, Holdren, supported radical measures in a book he cowrote called Ecoscience. That right there tells me he's a radical eco-nut who loves trees more than people. And that's proven by several lines included in this 1000 page book he cowrote with 2 other people. And the smart folks at the totally not radical Washington Times have exposed his radical agenda.

John P. Holdren, named as Mr. Obama's science "czar" earlier this year, described this in a book he wrote with Paul Ehrlich -- author of the "Population Bomb," which predicted masses would starve due to exploitation of resources through the 1980s -- about the world's rapidly increasing population. In the 1977 tome "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," Mr. Holdren and Mr. Ehrlich, in addition to Mr. Ehrlich's wife, Anne, considered various ways to keep growth in check.

Several selections from the book have been highlighted at blogs critical of Mr. Holdren, particularly passages that appear to advocate sterilization, forced abortions and consideration of an "armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force" for population enforcement capabilities.

And this is the man that Barak Hussain Obama wants to install as a Czar over science. A czar is like a Russian dictator, which means Barak is a commie, and appointing czars is something that no president ever did before now.

This radical agenda, promoted only 32 short years ago in a book 1000 pages long coauthored by 2 other people in a section in one chapter about options for population control, clearly shows that Holdren was all for forced abortions. Where are our heroes like Tom Delay who would surely show Holdren the righteous path? There's no other explanation and these comments by Holdren (or his coauthors) in a few paragraphs in which these measures are not recommended but just described, should be ridden out on a rail, along with the Kenyan (or Zanzibarian) Barak Hussain Obama!!!


Edited to include menacing picture of Holdren pointing at us, telling us just how smart he thinks he is!!!

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