Friday, July 10, 2009

Figures Lie and Liars Figure

Ran across this poll and I have to say I have never seen a more blatantly dishonest poll since this one.

Public Praises Science; Scientists Fault Public, Media
Scientific Achievements Less Prominent Than a Decade Ago

The headline is very misleading. When I saw it at the bottom of Drudge, I was thinking "good, people are finally waking up and not paying attention to science". Science is, after all, what has given us the evil religions of evolutionism and global warming alarmism. Still, I know several real smart people, some even trained in classical sciences like finance and hotel/restaurant management, and I can vouch that they are nearly all good, conservative, and Christian. But what this poll showed was just so out there it must be totally a lie. First, here's a scientists view on government (i.e. socialism) versus business (i.e. free market):

What a load of hoo-ey. Business is always more efficient and government is always more wasteful. That is just the facts. I thought scientists operated on the scientific method. So, from employing the scientific method myself, I have totally destroyed these polling numbers and exposed them for the lies that they are.

Next, numbers on the views of scientists.

Just more hoo-ey if you ask me. Smart scientists like Ken Ham know better. This is why we need to eliminate public schools for indoctrinating us into the lie that is the evolutionism lie. Maybe we can get our own advocate in our public schools like Texas might have. If only we could take these scientists to the Creation Museum and meet real smart folks like Ken Ham, I think we'd see these numbers drop sufficiently. But these numbers are lies anyway.

The end is the kicker and I think more proof that this "poll" was concocted by the liberal elist media.

Double hoo-ey!!!1!! 52% of scientists are liberal!?!? 35% are moderate?!?! Only 9% are conservative?!?!?! Just made up numbers, all of them. True science types, like Ken Ham and Bjorn Lomborg and Richard Linzen, are proof in the pudding that these numbers are inflated. What about Inhofe's 400 scientists that disprove global warming? Bet they didn't poll them....

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Bachmann2012 said...

Reggie and his rock solid proofs and math skills strike again! Boy I wish I had your smarts.


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