Thursday, July 23, 2009

Conspiracy Proven!!! Liddy Provides the Rock Solid Proof!

Leave it to good ole G. Gordon Liddy. The martyred hero of the Nixon Administration, back to save Americans from a someone more dangerous than the Brookings Institution...Barak Hussain Obama!! Thankfully, us Birthers (as the liberal elite media smears us with, so I use it just to shove the facts in their faces!!) have this Great American championing our cause. And he did not disappoint today on Hardball with that consistently liberal Chris Matthews. Lets take a look...

Did you hear that!!!!! The final piece of the puzzle is in our laps!!

MATTHEWS: You’ve said he was born in the Kenyan slums. That means he’s an illegal alien. That means he’s not only illegally president, he’s illegal in the US and he ought to be picked up…by your account he’s illegally in the country…how would you claim he was born in the Kenyan slums? You say that as if it were a fact…Do we have any evidence it ever happened?…

LIDDY: Yeah, I’ve got the deposition of the step-grandmother who said she witnessed it.
I for one and calling my congress-members first thing tomorrow demanding for an investigation, speedy trial, and efficient impeachment of one Barak Hussain Obama, citizen of Kenya apparently. This deposition of Obama's step grandmother, spoken through a translator, clearly says she was Obama was born in Kenya. That's all I need to know. I just need to know who's with me now.

First, we had the Tax Day Tea Parties.
Then, the jubilant Tea Bagging July 4th Festivals.
Then, recently, the anti-Cap'n'Tax Protest at the Capitol.
Next, I propose a massive, spontaneous, horizontal, grassroots uprising to spread across the country, demanding an end to this presidency which has created all the debt we are now suddenly concerned with.

I just KNEW Obama was a non-American, foreign type who was different and radical. Now I have the proof, thanks to one George Gordon Battle "G." Liddy. Here's a longer segment showing his impressive showing with that weak-kneed Chris Matthews. Thank you G. Gordon, and God speed.


William Boscher said...

yahoo news is now saying Obama is legit.. :( :( :( :( :(

Reggie N. said...

So true, the liberal media is all in the tank for Obama, who was born in Kenya. I also heard he was born in Indonesia, or that's what Winston said he heard on Alex Jones.

Thanks for visiting Will. Did you ever get that addition built?


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