Monday, November 30, 2009

CLF's Got More Talent!!

Michelle's little Spencer is quite the pianist, but my grandson, Marvin, has made up a new Christmas poem. He was named after me so he might have inherited my writing talent. I went ahead and illustrated it for him.

Six Christmas Places.

Five Onion Rings.
Four Hummingbirds.
Three Friends.

Two Singing Turtles. (Just pretend there are two of them. I have exhausted my technical skills.)

AND One Left in a Pear Tree.


Bachmann2012 said...

Welcome back MawMaw Marvene! And congrats on your very poetic grandson!!

Reggie N. said...

Sorry I did not comment earlier. But I am blown away by Marvin's artistic skills. Clearly this is some sort of genius. I wonder if he got it from his father.

I got to know your son a bit before he went to prison, and I must say he always struck me as being quite intelligent. Our church's mission leaders will sometimes go to Mervin's facility to provide prayer services to the other inmates. Although he refuses these services, they often see him surrounded by other inmates who seemingly look up to him. That is impressive considering Mervin has decided to don a pink bandana and has tattooed tears under his eyes. Despite these unfortunate fashion choices, he remains popular there. Lets hope Marvin has inherited Mervin's smarts, but not so much his addiction to meth.


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