Friday, November 20, 2009

A Refutation of Heathen Lies

Lately I've been going to lunch with various co-workers at my IT department. I used to eat out of my lunch box prepared every morning by my lady. However, since the recent layoffs, we have had several weeks of unpaid overtime, so a few of us have decided to take advantage of our 30 minute lunch break. Usually we head over to the nearby Subway as my lady wants me to eat healthy. I usually get the 12 inch meatball with mayo and spicy mustard. I keep away from the cookies most days as I am quite health conscious.

Anyway, our lunch time discussions have changed from friendly to heated. Mainly, its because a couple co-workers are misguided heathens. They prove their heathen-ness by their consistent refusal to admit America was founded as a Christian Nation.

I have tried my best to see the error in their ways, but even cold hard facts can't convince them.

I ask them "what part of 'In God We Trust'" do they not understand. They respond with some mumbo jumbo about that God put on money well after this country's founding and in the Pledge in the 1950's at the peak of anti-communist fever. I say, whatever, its on the money and in the Pledge, so you can't argue with facts. The inception dates do not matter, so case closed on that one.

Then they talk about how many founders were not even Christians, many were Unitarian or Deists. Well, I have never heard of Deists, so that does not change my views in the least. As for Unitarians, I didn't even know they were still around. I have been told they were a liberal church, so I don't see how they could be called Christian. Really, how can you be a liberal and a Christian? I'm sure others have had difficulty grasping this contradiction.

After destroying their arguments one by one, I directed these heathens to a very smart man by the name of David Barton and his excellent WallBuilders site. Mr. Barton has set out to spread the unerring truth that the founders were all evangelical Christians. He even has quotes and beautiful prints proving his points. Here's one of Washington ushering Lincoln up to Heaven..

Mr. Barton has some excellent quotes that are irrefutable. My favorite is one that has been put on the Jefferson Memorial. The important quote is in bold and large font. Don't bother reading the smaller font, its not important.
I promised you a letter on Christianity, which I have not forgotten. On the contrary, it is because I have reflected on it, that I find much more time necessary for it than I can at present
dispose of. I have a view of the subject which ought to displease neither the rational Christian nor Deists, and would reconcile many to a character they have too hastily rejected. I do not know that it would reconcile the _genus irritabile vatum_ who are all in arms against me. Their hostility is on too interesting ground to be softened. The delusion into which the X. Y. Z. plot shewed it possible to push the people; the successful experiment made under the prevalence of that delusion on the clause of the constitution, which, while it secured the freedom of the press, covered also the freedom of religion, had given to the clergy a very favorite hope of obtaining an establishment of a particular form of Christianity thro' the U. S.; and as every sect believes its own form the true one, every one perhaps hoped for his own, but especially the Episcopalians & Congregationalists. The returning good sense of our country threatens abortion to their hopes, & they believe that any portion of power confided to me, will be exerted in opposition to their schemes. And they believe rightly;
for I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
But this is all they have to fear from me: & enough too in their opinion, & this is the cause of their printing lying pamphlets against me, forging conversations for me with Mazzei, Bishop Madison, &c., which are absolute falsehoods without a circumstance of truth to rest on; falsehoods, too, of which I acquit Mazzei & Bishop Madison, for they are men of truth.
This quote makes it clear as day that Jefferson was a full blown Christian, which directly infers that this country was and is a Christian nation.

CLF - 1, Heathens - 0.

Case closed. Nuff said.


Bachmann2012 said...

Amazing commentary there Regie. Case closed indeed!

btw, I thought you quit eating at subway after your order totaled $6.66 one time.... or does the lack of cookie resolve that issue?

Reggie N. said...

I know, but my lady has been adamant about me eating healthier. So no more 2/3rd pound thick burgers at Hardees for me. I stick to the meatball sub at Subway, which has a healthier menu. I bring a calculator with me know to make sure I don't hit the dreaded mark of the beast. Plus, how else am I going to match the svelte figure of one Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee?

Bachmann2012 said...

iPhone has an app for a calculator. You should get one of those phones instead of carrying around your HP-35S all the time.

wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

Certainly this is a Christian nation! Whoever could claim otherwise? I am so glad you set them straight! England had an official religion of the crown and a bunch of folks came here to the early colonies so that they could continue the Christian tradition that they adored in the gov't in England. Some folks may say early colonists came here to escape the Church of England, but I say those dang liberal textbook writers mucked that all up. I am certain that early colonists came here to spread the Word to those heathen natives...and look at how well they have done since we came and helped them...have you ever been to a tribal casino? First class lobster tails and thick steaks!

Reggie N. said...

Right on wfp, you are just plain smart, I can tell. Those liberal textbook writers are all a bunch of liars. They purposefully omit Reagan's Berlin Wall speech, the one where he said "tear down that wall", then poof, 2 years later, it was torn down. The textbooks make no mention of that, except a few made by good home school suppliers.

There's the same issue with the supposed founding of our country as a "secular" nation. Fortunately smart folks like David Barton are here to correct the record.

I agree that the Indians have done well since us REAL Americans have come over from England/Ireland/Scotland. Clearly, giving them the rights to a few casinos makes up for their minor inconveniences endured in the past few centuries.

OMA from Campbells Crek said...

I Always find great pictures from your guys site. The LIncoln-Washington one going up to heaven is breathtaking

Anonymous said...

Yes, great pictures on this site! I especially admire the one depicting Jesus pissing into the clouds. What a great concept, Jesus pissing on the heathens below. Hope you all have your "Christian Umbrellas"; I know I do.

Bachmann2012 said...

anony, this fetish of yours is getting pretty gross.

Reggie N. said...

Michelle, have you downnloaded that app for the blog, wherein we can edit curse words from the likes of Anonymous? That would be helpful as I do not approve of cussing of any kind. Although I am heartened by Anonymous' acceptance of Christianity. Do you go to church often Anonymous? I hope we can find some common ground, as we do encourage friendly debate at the CLF.

wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

Anony may be ok yet...perhaps his use of the word "pissing" was in reference to the French terms for urinating:
pisse & pisser
If so, he/she would be very cultured indeed and it wouldn't really be cussing. Although, come to think of it, we need to hate the French...always blathering on about not going to war and stuff...cancel my above acceptance of the "p-word" usage...inappropriate either way!

Anonymous said...

We have no common ground until you start acting as Christians. Currently, from what I've read of your posts, you are ignorant, simple-minded, hate-filled hillbillys who enjoy living in the darkness of your own minds and whatever Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox "News", and all the other right wing nut jobs tell you to say and do; similar to robots but less interesting. "Love thy neighbor" and "do unto others" are definitely NOT included your "Christian" thoughts and deeds.

wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

Anony - I am not an author here, but I can tell you, from my perspective, unless you think pretty much like I do, I don't really want to find common ground with you.

Oh, and by the way, robots are excellent creations! Think of how they have allowed the American factory to stream-line things and reduce the number of pensions they have to worry about...robots indeed!

Anonymous said...

wfp...that is exactly the problem with you extremists. It's either my way or the highway, no middle ground, no compromise. And that attitude is the reason your political party, the GOP, which used to be respectable & independent of religion, is being taken over by the "Christian Right", which is neither "Christian" or "Right" & the Tea Bag Party. In fact the Tea Bag party has out-polled the GOP in recent polls. Too bad. Guess the world will move into the 21st century without you.

Reggie N. said...

Uh, news flash anonymous. We are the Christian Right. We are right there with who you refer to as the Tea Baggers. And we are taking over the GOP, so get used to it.

Anonymous said...

I can definitely get used to Democratic majorities. As long as the Republicans are connected to the extremists such as Rush, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, et. al. and the "Christian Right", which, as I said, is neither "Christian" nor "Right", the GOP will continue to alienate most rational voters. So, yeah, go ahead and hang onto your hate-filled, President Obama is not a citizen agenda. It's really a choice between failed policies and religious dogma and 21st century reality. Go ahead and live in never-never land. Maybe Jesus will run for office instead of being depicted on your website in such blasphemic poses (i.e. pissing into the clouds) on your website. Ha! Oh, and maybe one of the 163 convicts Huckabee pardoned will run...oops 162, one died after killing 4 police officers. How does he sleep at night knowing there are 162 other ticking timebombs out there waiting to kill and rape in his name?

Bachmann2012 said...


Don't be so anxious about your Dem majority fantasy land floating around your little head. Head Dems are rolling over like mad bowling balls just to please such a tiny Senate/House minority of conservative patriots. Thank you Jesus!


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