Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just What the Tea Party Movement Needs

Hi all. Sorry I've been away, but I have had to work several days of unpaid overtime at my company's IT department. Seems we have a labor shortage, so us remaining employees must take up the slack of those deadbeats that were just laid off. Isn't that just typical? No wonder our management sacked them.

Anyway, I am back and wanted to get the CLF going again. Michelle, Marvene, Fuido, and Winston, I must say I am surprised at the lack of postings. Heck, even Oma has refrained from commenting. What's up?

Here's something that should get you fired up. Remember how much fun we had having Tea Party House Parties, watching Fox News all day on 9/12, and that trip out to the 7-11? Well here was someone who put his artistic bona fides into the Tea Party movement. Even if you are not into rap (Marvene) and refuse to listen to anything but Elvis (Marvene), I think you can respect true talent when you hear it. Listen....

This is how we'll reach the new generation. With authentic sounding music stylings. I can just imagine hearing this on 98.7 The Beat!!

Michelle, remember that country-western ditty you made about the April 15 Tax Day protest? We should totally do that!!!! I have been practicing the bass, ala Mike Huckabee. With your guitar playing we just need a good drummer to keep the beat. Barring that I have an old Casio that we could use. Fuido has a strong yet lilting voice that I think would make that chorus pop. Think about it.


wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

Now you see...that gentleman is a good God-fearing man...clearly so because his camo hat and jacket declare that he is a gun-loving true blue American patriot!

And, dear friends, I fear that I need to put the kibosh on your plans to start a band with a drummer. A drummer keeps a beat...and you know, that will surely make you go blind or give you hairy palms! I suppose if you put a big "Abstinence Only!" emblem on the bass drum head, it may counteract the evil spewed from the drum...obviously the work of the homosexual crowd...for masturbation (shhh...don't say that word!) must surely lead to homosexuality!

Bachmann2012 said...

Reggie, yeah I still play that ditty pretty well with my acrylic nails. Much like Dolly Parton.

Anonymous said...

Did Jesus teach you how to hate?

Reggie N. said...

wfp in W-by-GOD-V!, you make some astute points. I still think a drum beat is necessary for this particular ditty written by Michelle. The bass-drum interplay that I imagine in my head will be key to getting the audience up on their feet.

Anonymous again, we are not hating, you are the one who is hating with your commenting on hate all the time.

wfp in W-by-GOD-V said...

Reggie - I see that you feel strongly about the drum. But you mention getting the audience to their feet and that leaves me a bit befuddled...what would the audience do once they get to their feet? Surely you don't intend for them to *gasp* dance? Now the spirit may come upon one of us and cause us to dance but we always repent for that. Spontaneous dancing to the beat of a drum though...I am concerned about your direction on this one...I'll be praying for you

Reggie N. said...

We dance at my church all the time!! Granted, its more of the spontaneous, "spirit of the Lord" jumping around, rather than a coordinated set of moves. One member of my church, Dale S., loves to jump around when the band plays. He'll hop to his feet, yelp loudly, run fast down the aisle, then stop and start in many directions. We all get a big kick out of that, so no, I don't see a problem with keeping a beat.


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