Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Nazi Move by Big Government - The Food Police

You may remember a previous post about the insidious garden planted at the White House. With her “Let’s Move” campaign against childhood obesity, first lady Michelle Obama is taking on a challenge that has eluded the likes of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Arnold Schwarzenegger, both esteemed Republicans. Some people call her the Food Police. The first lady addressed this by saying that "none of the solutions are about government telling people what to do." She sets forth 3 steps to help families lose weight:
1. Eat dinner together.
2. Set a firm bedtime.
3. Curb TV watching.
If that's not the Government telling us what to do, I don't know what is. If parents want to let their kids eat anything, and sit all day in front of the television set, it’s none of the first lady’s business.
The Obama administration will ask Congress to spend $10 billion over the next decade to give schools more money to serve healthier food, and it will propose $400 million in tax breaks to encourage grocery stores to move into areas with little access to nutritious food, referred to as “food deserts.” I never heard of a food desert before, but it looks like the taxpayers will pay to irrigate it. If people don't want to shop at grocery stores, the government shouldn't make them.


wfp in W-by-GOD-V! said...

I cannot believe the nerve! Curb tv viewing my foot! I want the kids to watch the intellectually stimulating and insightful stories on Fox News. They surely don't teach anything useful in the public schools so my kids have to get truth somewhere and does it get any easier or truthier than our beloved Fox?! I think not!

Now about this socialist garden...I see a few problems. This sounds like an attempt to get us all working for the collective farm, eh comrade? Well, socialist, communist, it's all the same to me. Our friends in Israel might have made the kibbutz farms work, but those commies and socialists and fascists in USSR, Cuba, North Korea, etc haven't done too well...no thank you, I will stick with my corporate farms, thank you very much.

And the other thing...they have bee hives in that commie garden! bee hives...in a city?! For all we know, those bees are from South America and are taking jobs from our good old American bees. Jobs creation Barack H Obama? I think you need to clean your own garden before you look into mine!

Reggie N. said...

Brilliant analysis Marvene. This dovetails nicely with my previous dissertation on the dangers of organic gardening, which only serves to eliminate jobs provided by the good folks at Bayer and other agribusiness companies.

The gall of the Hussain Obamas to tell our kids what to do!! I don't have children due to my low sperm motility. But my neices and nephews certainly should not have to grow up in this communist dictatorship we have know. Every night I pray for lil Ty Ty and Lisa Jr. Their future will remain bleak as long as the country is run by these ruthless, Chicago style politicians.

Bachmann2012 said...

Love Marv's font skills.


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