Friday, February 12, 2010

Barack's Blackness

Some of the liberal commentators have indirectly implied that we are opposed to Barack Hussein Obama because he is a person of color. Nothing could be further from the truth and I wish to cite several examples to support my case. First, when Obama debated the GOD serving, America loving, war hero, John McCain, McCain said "that one" when he could have said "that n___r". Second, the "you lie" statement during Obama's address to congress could have been " you lie n___r". Third, the looks of disdain from the esteemed republicans Cantor, Boehner, and McConnell are not anti Obama but rather that someone cut a fart. I could go on and on to make my case but this is enough.


Reggie N. said...

A good start for you Fuido. I am glad to have you finally contributing, seeing as how you "joined" the CLF about 9 months ago. I guess that was your "gestation". LOL :) Well, we here at the CLF are pro-life and I am glad we didn't cut off your chance at "life" here on our blog. We are just like Sarah Palin, who also considered ending her pregnancy with Trig, but decided against it once she remembered she was pro-life.

Astute points there Fuido...clearly, we are not racist and have been totally consistent throughout the years regarding concerns about the deficit, spending, presidential powers, corruption, etc.

Bachmann2012 said...

Great points Fuido. Did you notice how the liberals were calling GW Bush "Monkey-boy" all the time? And can you imagine if Obama was being called a monkey or compared to some evil dictator even? Keith Olbermann's head would explode!

Reggie N. said...

Yeah, I forgot about that. Clearly, there have been no examples of conservatives who have used the "monkey" theme in reference to Obama. If there are examples, I'm sure those were just liberal plants.

Plus, on top of that, I forgot to mention our two very own black members of the CLF...Joan and Tyrell. Granted, we haven't seen them since we first met them at the Shoneys last April. They were very nice folks, not like the hip hop variety you see on the TV, and didn't once yell at the waitress to get them more m-word-f-word ice tea.

Fuido Pandudi said...

Well, I'm glad you folks finally saw that I have a lot to contribute. The reason I have not posted over the past few months is because I have been in secret dealings with our token n----r, err republican leader, Michael Steel. Michael and I have been devising a plan to sabotage all those talking points that the Obama administration has come up with lately. You will be hearing from me soon.


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