Saturday, February 6, 2010

In Defense of Our Defense of Pat Robertson

Some of you might remember a post I submitted not too long ago after the tragedy in Haiti. After the quake struck and so many lives were lost, our favorite Pat Robertson spoke up about the real history of that country (i.e. former slave colony, pact with the Devil, etc.) Of course, the mainstream liberal commie media went all out in demonizing good ole Pat, totally twisting his words to make him appear insensitive. As I pointed out, he was clearly blaming the Devil, not the Haitians. Unfortunately, virtually no one else in Real America (i.e. Red States, Wasilla, etc.) came to Pat's defense. Very sad :(

Although the CLF has developed a faithful following amongst our family and friends, some of whom will be joining us at our yearly Shoney's get-together, the political influence of the CLF has sadly been less than I expected. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was then...and this is now!!

Exploring the Right Wing Blogosphere
Rightbloggers Keep It Sweet on Haiti -- Unless You Attack Rush, Are Obama, Etc.

The disaster in Haiti has obsessed both mainstream media and bloggers, and for the most part rightbloggers have been exceptionally well-behaved about it. Even some normally obstreperous critics have praised Obama for his interventions, and if they piled on Danny Glover for attributing the quake to global warming, they were at least as likely to pile on Pat Robertson for attributing it to the influence of the Devil.
The Village Voice, which is no doubt a gathering of homosexual deviants, deceptively title their post as a kudos to conservatives for not defending good ole Pat. But not two paragraphs later, they start to mock us few conservative bloggers brave enough to speak the truth, starting with the CLF!!
Robertson was not without backers of an amusing sort. Our favorite was Conservatives Loving Freedom, which said, "People are focusing on the wrong thing. [Robertson] wasn't blaming the Haitians in their time of great tragedy. He was blaming the devil for tricking a few Haitians back in the late 1700's and early 1800's." Noted!
Well, I can see they can't dispute our facts. They dismiss us with the sarcastic ending. I'm claiming victory on this one. Then they go on to attack journalistic stalwarts Rush Limbaugh and Jonah Goldberg. Clearly, Obama was only helping out Haiti to burnish his racial credentials, to divert more tax money over there, and as an excuse to write a Newsweek article. Rush and Jonah know their stuff and are all about accuracy, that is without a doubt.

But having the CLF as an object of ridicule for the heathens at Village Voice was not without its benefits. First, it got us on the national stage. Second, number two, it put us in ideological company with Pat, Rush, and Jonah. And a final point, the third in our list, it provides us with additional information also. Here's another factoid from other real smart conservatives.
Not everyone was blaming the Devil, global warming, and the U.S. government for the devastation. "The reason so many people died in Haiti," said Big Government's Phelim McAleer, "is because its people live in poorly built houses and have not benefited from development which brings with it cities and houses which can withstand earthquakes." Was poverty to blame for this? No: "Guess who are the most active opponents of cities and modern concrete housing? The environmental movement sees cities and growing urbanization as 'unsustainable' and something that must be stopped." We had no idea developers were rushing to built quakeproof condos in Port-au-Prince, only to be foiled by activists from Greenpeace. The internet is a wonderful resource.
The Villagers, again unable to refute these rock solid points, moves to sarcasm. Can they argue without sarcasm. Yeah, right!!! They are just soooo smart, don't ya think?!?! See, liberals, you are not the only ones adept at sarcasm.

Anyway, that smart person at Big Government, which is a great place due to the honest investigative work of James O'Keefe and Andrew Breitbart, points out that its environmentalists to blame. Clearly, environmentalists drove these people off their rural farming communities and into the cities to provide a captive workforce for the multinational textile communities, who paid minimal wages, thus ensuring that they would live in poorly built structures susceptible to collapse. Case closed on that one.

Anyway, this is an old post on that heathen site, and an even older one here. But that shouldn't stop you faithful CLF readers from going there and defending us for our defense of our original defense of Pat Robertson. Michelle even went there and commented on the end!!!
bachmann2012 says:

Nothin' Pat Robertson said was wrong. Plus, you can trace almost all the things the bible says and point it directly to some random future occurrences. I mean, when it's up to the interpreter to find a meaning in the words of the bible that is true, then that is just an established fact. Robertson was simply stating fact. It's the devil's fault guys, not the Haitians.

Posted On: Tuesday, Jan. 19 2010 @ 2:44PM
Good job Michelle and God Bless!!! You Keep Conservatives Using Freedom!! :)


Fuido Pandudi said...

So you conservatives demoted the most right wing 2@#$%^&* that ever lived and now I cannot post. Just because I'm old and forgot my username and password. But I gotta say that Pat is the strongest man in the world but he cannot count nor understands physics.

Reggie N. said...

Uh, Fuido, no one is stopping you from posting. Last time we talked, I mentioned how much the CLF needed your contribution. As soon as you put at least one thoughtful post up on the site, Michelle will figure out how to remove the "demoted" text from under your picture.

Bachmann2012 said...

Ok Fuido... type away!!!


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