Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reader Alert

Hello again folks. A few months back I informed you of a new contributor. Well, I guess he was real busy, and since he is a friend outside of my church, our paths did not cross until last Tuesday at WalMart. He is a real smart guy and well versed in actual threats to America, like FEMA camps and Planet X. Some of his comments are real scary, so I hope he doesn't scare off the older folks here. But I think we have become somewhat stale here at the CLF and need someone to shake things up. And folks, please comment more. I have added a sidebar to show the latest comments, which I think help improve our site.


Marvene Letard said...

Reggie, I am working on a post and have some in mind. Sorry about the few comments. I'm looking forward to reading the new commenter.

Reggie N. said...

I saw your post on the edit page. Very astute points and I am eager to read the finished product.

Marvene Letard said...

need the software from Michele so I can finish it.


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