Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mike Huckabee in 2012

Take note and remember my fellow CLF readers: Mike Huckabee will be a major contender for POTUS in 2012. Why do you think he (and his bass guitar) got a FOX news talk show right now... to garner major public appeal - duh! Plus, he's just plain smart. Personally, I am split on whether or not I think Mike Huckabee or Michele Bachmann is the better candidate for President in 2012. Actually, I'm thinking Huckabee w/ Bachmann as Vice would be a killer ticket, now that I think about it.

Reggie wrote an amazing tribute to Mr. Huckabee a while back and I suggest you check it out. In it, he linked to a video tribute called the "Huckabee Song" that I've conveniently embedded for our readers here at the CLF:

Now that was just an amazingly beautiful piece right there. I can just picture him playing in arena filled revivals all across our Appalachian country. I really liked all the chord changes. Looks like he's got some great equipment in the basement too - like some high quality acoustical soundproofing there in the background, the necessary mixing software on the lap top to add the backing vox and other neat effects, and of course a cordless headset mic for convenience to move about the stage. Very impressive!

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Reggie N. said...

YES!! Thank you so much Michelle for the tribute to my favorite political leader ever...Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee. I too would be happy with Mrs. Bachmann for VP, that would make both us happy, Michelle. That would be one swell ticket!!! :)


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