Sunday, April 19, 2009

Board Meeting Minutes

Semi-biannual Meeting of
Conservatives Loving Freedom
April 16, 2009
6:45 p.m.
Charleston, West Virginia

Board Members:
Present: Reginald Newton, Michelle Bennett, Marvene Letard
Absent: Donald V. Ferguson
Quorum present? Yes

Others Present:
Oma, Maek, Wud, Tenne, Tyrell, Joan, Herb, Sassy, Newheart, Porky

· Meeting called to order at 7:53 p.m. by Chair, Reggie Newton
(Last month's) meeting minutes were amended and approved

· Chief Executive's Report:
- Reggie recommends that we go to Ryans for the next meeting. Unanimous consent is requested. After brief discussion, Board agreed.
- Reggie nominates Michelle as public relation liasson for the CLF. Michelle's duties will include, but are not limited to, spreading the word of freedom through various online message boards, blogs, and newspaper comment sections. Michelle accepts nomination and pledges that she will make every effort to include hyperlink to the CLF webpage to encourage more readership outside of the CLF group and Reggie's church. Also, Maek is encouraged to get a computer so that he can be kept updated about the upcoming meetings through the CLF webpage. Michelle interupts to request vote on her nomination. Motion is passed unanimously.
- Wud mentions that their beloved beagle, Rocky, is suffering with throat cancer. Marvene makes motion to express sympathy for Rocky through one minute moment of silence: seconded and passed. Moment of silence lasts almost one minute.
- Reggie reminds board that, as chief executive, he runs this portion of the meeting. Reggie requests moment of silence for country's fast, 86 day, slip from free market capitalism to Marxist socialism. Motion passed and seconded.
- Reggie nominates Michelle as treasurer and head of Finance Committe. Motion passed.

· Finance Committee report provided by Chair, Michelle:
- Michelle makes friendly welcoming statement and describes function of CLF website. She explains financial obligation of maintaining and updating website through An annual donation to the CLF is requested of all board members. The amount of the donation is up to the individual. However, each amount will likely be listed prominantly on the CLF website. Tenne stands up and strenuously complains as she is on a fixed income with Social Security disability providing the only income. Michelle assures that no donation is required and agrees to forgo the idea of posting the donor names and amounts given on the website.
- Michelle explains that her husband, Kevin, reviewed the organization's bookkeeping procedures and found them to be sorely lacking. She stated that Kevin reviewed highlights, trends and issues from the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement and was aghast at the lack of organization. Reggie interrupts and questions whether these criticisms are warranted. Michelle explains that her husband is a CPA and knows what he is talking about. A moment of silence is observed. Michelle asks for unanimous consent to provide small payment for accounting review of the CLF books. Oma stands up to go to her car. Remembering Oma's conceal and carry permit, Marvene intervenes and suggests that payment involve omitting Michelle from having to supply her portion of the tip. Michelle agrees to this suggestion. Oma returns to her seat and motion is passed.

· Public Policy Development Committee's report provided by Chair, Marvene:
- Marvene makes long statement regarding her displeasure with the current government. Wide ranging topics, such as Obama's use of the teleprompter, Obama's stumbling in speeches and excessive use of the word "Um", sudden deficit spending by the government, government growing too big over the past 3 months, government suddently spying on average Americans, expanding the use of our military in foreign countries, Obama raising everyone's taxes, Obama trying to take away our Constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of assembly, etcetera. Motion to unanimously accept all the above statements by all members as the truth. Motion passed and seconded.
- Marvene recommends that we make a board retreat to the Anglers Roost in Mink Shoals. Tyrell states that he does not think this is an Anglers Roost anymore but may go by another name. Marvene interjects that it does not matter what they are named, just as long as they still sell guns and ammo. She further explains that this second amendment right is tenuous as Obama plans to send in his National Service youth to take away our guns through a door to door search. Motion to undertake this retreat no later than two Fridays from tomorrow. Motion passed.

· Other business:
- Reggie commends Betty Slater's pineapple upsidedown cake and requests she bring some snickerdoodles to the next meeting. Betty becomes slightly embarrassed and thanks everyone who loved her cake. Herb seconds the motion to make Betty official cake maker. Reggie admonishes Herb as he is not a board member, only a regular member, and cannot make motions. Reggie makes motion to make Betty official cake maker and to strongly recommend members to eat only one slice of cake until all members wanting cake are given a slice. Motion passed with one dissenting member.

· Assessment of the Meeting:
- Reggie notes displeasure with content of Shoney's buffet and dismay that they have discontinued breakfast items during late evening time. Reggie again expresses wish to have next meeting at Ryan's.
- Newheart noted that the past three meetings have run over the intended two-hour time slot by half an hour. He asked members to be more mindful and focused during discussions, and suggested that Reggie take an action to identify solutions to this issue. Michelle interjects and claims duties to be official time keeper. Moment of silence observed.

· Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Marvene Letard


Marvene Letard said...

I think Michelle has been keeping those books that she said were such a mess. I didn't say anything at the meeting but who authorized Kevin to stick his needle nose into them. He may be a mole.
On another note (b flat) that cake has given me tredmendous gas even though Herb got most of my pineapples.

Reggie N. said...

Herb got your pineapples too? I will have a talk with him.

As for Michelle, she is trustworthy and smart, don't you worry about that. I like Kevin too, he told me he is a good Christian. That is all I needed to hear to know I could trust him, and you should too. Please tell this to Oma for me as I am worried about her hot temper and hair trigger.


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