Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some dirty liberal just sent me this picture of Kevin. It came from an account in Texas.


Reggie N. said...

Marvene, I hope you are just joking about Kevin. As I told you, he is a good Christian and so is Michelle. They already agreed to not request moneys for their financial services. We are all working pro-bono here at the CLF.

Remember, this is a top-down organization, even though as members we are horizontal in nature. Thus, there is a hierarchy that members must follow. I understand you are wary about Kevin, but Michelle is her own woman and still the same person that you babysat when her Mom went out on the town.

I strongly suggest you not bring your personal grievances out in the open on the blog. People will see this and not take the CLF seriously, which will just break my heart. You don't want to break my heart, do you? No, I know you don't.

Marvene, you are a good person and is right with the Lord, I know you will make the right choices.

Marvene Letard said...

I am chastised.


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