Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Those Crafty Republicans

Those Republicans up in Minnesota are craftier than all the old girls over in the arts and crafts room. Even if that bed wetting lunatic Al Franken has somehow stolen the election for senator, the good God fearing Governor Polenta will not let him in til the Obamanation is over. The people of Minnesota can just do without a senator.


Reggie N. said...

Who needs a second senator anyway? We are doing just fine with only Rockyfailure since Robert KKK Byrd is all old and senile and stuff. But don't count out Norm Coleman, he is smart for not giving up. I just really hope people don't start calling him a sore loser. Its only been 6 months, they should count all the votes. He is being way more reasonable than Gorey was in 2000.

Fuido said...

Franken should be on a freak show. What is this liberal hoopala by guys with names like Frank or Franck or Franke or Frankie. Frankly speaking the are just liberals.

Progressive said...

They're named Frank because they love the dick.


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