Monday, April 20, 2009

Texas Republican Shows Up Liberal MSNBC Host

I tell you, the hits keep coming, and the Republicans are having a lot of success on MSNBC lately. Just check out my previous post on Ken Blackwell totally showing up that heathen Christopher Hichens the other day. Anyway, this latest one is that ultra-liberal Chris Matthews getting positively destroyed by good Republican John Culberson of Texas. This debate was about the excellent Governor Rick Perry with his smart comments on seccession. Here's the video:

Here's some excerpts from the transcript too. Check it out, because Congressman Culberson is even more effective in his words.
CULBERSON: Chris, the TEA Parties are the tip of the iceberg.

And I think you‘re missing the bigger story here. And that is, the TEA Parties were a spontaneous horizontal reflection of the mood of the American people in general, and certainly in Texas, Chris. The country is at the tipping point, Chris.

We don‘t want money that we don‘t have, that our children can‘t afford to pay back spent. The government is spending too much and taxing too much. The country is at the tipping point, Chris.

And I think that what you saw—and don‘t make too much of what Governor Perry said. Again, he was just revved up, and—and, I think, in the heat of the moment, said something that—that certainly he didn‘t mean in his heart. We‘re patriotic Americans. No one wants Texas to secede.

We don‘t want to split into five states, Chris, but we need to work within the law to take back control of this government.


CULBERSON: I‘m fed up with Washington telling Texans how to run Texas, Chris.

And this TEA Party movement is something we need to keep alive. And we‘re going to do it through the Internet. And frankly, Chris, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Amen. These parties were totally spontaneous and grassroots. People upset with Obama's tax and spend ways is totally what the original Boston Tea Party was all about. They were also horizontal, instead of vertical or diagonal. That just makes perfect sense to me. I should say I was surprised these regular working folks were able to afford the billboard on MacCorkle Avenue, but that is the power of grassroots I guess. Here's more...

MATTHEWS: Do you think Texas has a special complaint against the union, because you believe that you‘re a donor state?


MATTHEWS: That‘s what Tom DeLay said last night, a special complaint.


MATTHEWS: And it turns out that a lot of the liberal states, which you guys would call Democrat states, up in the Northeast, states like New Jersey, are the ones that spend the most money in taxes.

Now, maybe they should be complainers, like Texas, but they‘re not complaining. Why are you guys complaining? Why are the pitchforks all out in the rural states, the Southern states?

CULBERSON: Because Texas is—because we see Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and this Congress trying to turn America in France. And Texas is not going to become France.

We don‘t want to be a socialist European nation. We treasure our freedom. We treasure local government. We treasure the right to let Texans run Texas. And we know, instinctively, Chris, that this government has gone too far. They spent more money in less time than any Congress in history.

Whatever liberal, you are just lying about the supposed facts. Red states give more than blue states, that just makes sense. Liberals are the ones sitting on they're couch eating cheetos on the government dole while I am at work working. You don't see conservatives taking off work to goof off, that is for sure.

Anyway, Congressman Culberson does the exact right thing in this debate. Liberal Matthews just wants to change the subject with his lies about donor states. Good ole John goes back to the tried and true comments about France and socialism and freedom and government. You can't say those words enough if you ask me. Then Culberson just lays it all out at the end...
CULBERSON: More than anyone else, I think Texans have a special feeling in their heart about what it means to be an American. The core values that made America great are the values that made Texas great.

MATTHEWS: You know how absurd that sounds? You know how absurd, Congressman—Congressman, you say that you guys are more emotional about your Americanism. And, yet, you have got a governor talking about splitting from America. You know how absurd that sounds?

CULBERSON: He‘s not serious about it. Governor Perry is not serious about that, Chris.

MATTHEWS: Well, why did—he did it all week this week.

CULBERSON: Don‘t—don‘t make too big a deal out of it.

MATTHEWS: You say you love the country, but you can‘t wait to leave it. You‘re threatening to leave it.

Whatever, that is just a spin that liberal is doing. You can't take what Rick Perry said literally. Literal interpretations of actual quotes are just ridiculous, especially when the quotes are from way back. Rick Perry is just plain smart, and all Texans have his back. John Culberson is smart too, you should call or email him to thank him for being so smart.


Fuido said...

You got it wrong. Us Texans should invade Mexico and bring it into the Union. Then we would not be like the Frogs of France.

Reggie N. said...

Good point Fuido, and welcome into the CLF fold. I look forward to more of your smart points. I saw your picture on your profile page. Are you Opus Dei? I hope so, because those are some of the only Catholics I get along with.

Fuido Pandudi said...

Hey Reggie you are not supposed to expose the secret societies. Remember the oath with took in Skull & Bones. Geogre was there too. Free Masons Forever!

anonymous said...

watch that spelling. Ge "ogre"


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