Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Outrage #2 of the Day: Anti-Business Kooks Attack Bayer

This has me just hot under the collar. These liberals in our Congress are raking our good local businessmen over the coals about this minor incident at Bayer. This is just ludicrous to compare it to Bhopal. I heard that the Bhopal explosion wasn't that serious and that it bankrupted Union Carbide, which hurt us here at home. Look, Bayer is employing us here and not laying anyone off, that is what we should be concerned about.

But is the Gazette worried about our jobs? No, that enviro-wacko Ken Ward Jr. is at it again, this time taking a break from trying to destroy the coal industry and the wonderful strip mining practices. Now he's trying to destroy the chemical industry.
The Kanawha Valley may have narrowly escaped a chemical plant catastrophe that could have surpassed the 1984 Bhopal disaster, according to a report released today by congressional investigators.

The August 2008 explosion at the Bayer CropScience Institute plant turned a 2 1/2-ton chemical vessel into a "dangerous projectile" that could have destroyed a nearby tank of deadly methyl isocyanate, according to the report by House Energy and Commerce Committee staff.


"Documents obtained by the committee raise serious questions about the vulnerabilities of Bayer's inventory of methyl isocyanate (MIC) during the 2008 explosion and about MIC monitoring systems that were out of service at the time of the explosion," the committee report said. "The documents also raise questions about whether Bayer has adequately considered the feasibility of reducing its MIC stockpile or switching to inherently safer technologies."

So what? I had a double-first cousin, Rickie, who worked at that plant for a summer. He said he worked around that MIC tank and never had any issues with it. That is just ridiculous to blame chemicals for everything. You know what water is? Its H2O, a chemical compound, and it can't hurt us none. That's what Rickie would always say, which would get us all laughing. Rickie died at the age of 28 from cancer and I will always miss his good humor. If he were around today, he'd tell us how crazy these folks in Congress are.

When will Congress stop encroaching on our freedom? Freedom is all about economic liberties. Environmental regulations are just the worst. First, you have to get an environmental impact statement, then you have to have public hearings and let in all the NIMBY wackos, then you have to clean up toxic sites. When will it end? Anyway, Ken Ward Jr. has some crazy stuff at the end of his article.

For example, the committee obtained a memo in which officials from Ann Green Communications suggested how plant manager Nick Crosby should deal with local citizen groups and journalists.

"Our goal with People Concerned About MIC should be to marginalize them," the memo said. "Take a similar approach to The Charleston Gazette. For as many years as it has been in print, the Gazette has chosen to be anti-business and champion environmental activists' causes. Marginalize its effectiveness."

Darn skippy the Gay-zette is a bunch of environmental wackos. Again, I'd like to know why their owners can't get their act together like the proprietors of the Daily Mail. Anyway, can anyone tell me what's wrong with what Bayer did? Nothing, that's what. Nuff said.

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Fuido Pandudi said...

Right on Bro. I'm just trying to emulate Obama. But seriously, down here in Florida we have a pinko newspaper called the St. Petersburg Times that is just like the Charleston Gazzette. They are against land development and off-shore oil drilling. Hey, many years ago I ran a company called Meld Group. You know what it stood for? Mining, Engineering ,and Land Development. MELD, get it. That was in WV. We started the whole movement to use the land for the betterment of our people, the ones on the right that produce stuff, and not the pinko liberal gays. Just think if we got rid of Bayer we would all have head aches. The left wingers are headache enough without Bayer we would be in trouble.


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