Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Outrage of the Day: Tax on Yacht Magazine

World renowned conservative editorialist and all around super-genius Don Surber brought to my attention this atrocity.

TALLAHASSEE — Buyers of yachts and private airplanes in Florida would be spared from paying the full 6 percent sales tax on their purchases. But magazine subscribers would now start paying taxes.

Mr. Don Surber is rightfully right in thinking that the tax cap is coercing the rich in Florida to keep their boats there and pay some sales tax. The rich should not be hoodwinked into this liberal plot. Rich people should have the freedom to keep their yachts and planes in other states where they don't have to pay sales taxes because that brings jobs. Trickle-down economics is proven every day!

And on top of that, it's hurting magazine subscribers now too! I've been getting Yachting Magazine free in the mail for 2 years, but now I'm going to have to pay a tax to keep getting it?!? That's pure taxation without representation.

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Marvene Letard said...

Down here in Floridu we are all proud of our legislators giving the yacht owners and developers all the breaks they deserve. They are trying their best to promote the polcies that culminated in the last eight years of glorious Bushism. They will need to close up that magazine loophole. Yachtowners like to read about yacts.


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